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Foreign Policy
Progressive Internationalism
DLC | Front & Center | October 28, 2020
Using Markets to Fight Disease for Development
By Kevin Croke
Lawmakers should support the Kerry-Lugar "Vaccines for the New Millenium Act." They should also take the bill as a reminder of the need to devote more resources and political attention to the search for innovative ways to fight disease and underdevelopment around the world.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 31, 2020
United Nations on Trial
By Will Marshall
It's up to progressives to renew the promise of collective security for an age in which the bloodiest conflicts often occur not between states, but inside them.

Letter | March 16, 2020
Our National Security Challenge: An Open Letter to Democrats
No political party deserves to gain or hold power if it can not provide basic security. That's why a group of Democratic thinkers and policymakers has addressed an Open Letter to the party. They challenge Democrats to make winning the war against jihadist extremism the party's first priority.

DLC | New Dem Daily | December 2, 2020
Three Big Steps for the United Nations
Making it clear that the United Nations intends to act as a decisive and effective instrument for collective security against terrorism, failed states, and acts of genocide would take the organization far down the road to a renewed relevance.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2020
Off Course
By Will Marshall
President Bush's foreign policy is steering America in the wrong direction -- and making us less secure.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 25, 2020
Closing the National Security Gap
By Will Marshall
Kerry can unite his party's hawks and doves, and establish a U.S. foreign policy based on the tough-minded internationalism of Truman and Kennedy, updated for the post-Cold War world.

PPI | Front & Center | March 9, 2020
Let's Get Serious About Democracy in the Greater Middle East
By Ronald D. Asmus and Michael McFaul
Our governmental capacity to help build new democratic states must be as great as our capacity to destroy autocratic regimes.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 20, 2020
A Squandered Opportunity
By Martin Indyk
Unengaged in the Middle East peace process, President Bush let the violence spin out of control. Now it's much harder to get the genie back into the bottle.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 20, 2020
The National Security Case Against George W. Bush
By Will Marshall
Bush's initial successes are now overshadowed by foreign policy failures -- on Middle East peace, on Iran and North Korea, on international alliances, on managing the occupation of Iraq. Democrats should respond with a strategy of progressive internationalism.

PPI | Key Document | October 30, 2020
Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy
We are confident that a new Democratic strategy, grounded in the party's tradition of muscular internationalism, can keep Americans safer than the Republicans' go-it-alone policy, which has alienated our natural allies and overstretched our resources.

PPI | Speech | October 30, 2020
Remarks by Will Marshall at the Release of "Progressive Internationalism"
"What we've tried to do in this document is to update the tradition in our party of tough-minded internationalism."

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2020
Two Cheers for Democracy
By Kevin Croke
A review of Fareed Zakaria's "The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad."

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 2, 2020
The Pitfalls of Pre-emption
By Will Marshall
The answer to the vexing problem of rogue states shouldn't be to make America a rogue superpower.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 25, 2020
Democrats and the War on Terrorism
By Sen. John Kerry
Foreign policy should not be ceded to the Republicans.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 29, 2020
I Spy, You Spy
By Robert Gerald Livingston
Our allies have better intelligence in parts of the Muslim world. We should give in order to get.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 29, 2020
Phase II of the War on Terror: Is Bush Up to the Job?
By Will Marshall
Now comes the battle of ideas and intelligence. The administration badly needs a coherent strategy.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 29, 2020
The Next Ideas Battle
By William J. Clinton
The political and ideological world should do what the economic world has already done -- develop a global consciousness of inclusion.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 19, 2020
Idea of the Week: Democracy
Whether it's about Latin America or the Middle East, the word "democracy" needs to appear much more often in the rhetoric and the policies of the Bush Administration. Applauding coups and placating tyrants is not only inconsistent with our values, but with our real interests around the world.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 25, 2020
Closing the Defense Gap
By Will Marshall
With national security back at the center of U.S. politics, it's imperative that Democrats rebuild their credibility on matters of national strength and resolve.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 25, 2020
How to Win the Peace
By Gordon Brown
We've built a potent alliance against terrorism. Now we must build one against world poverty.

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