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Quality of Life
Metro Politics
DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 8, 2021
Gotham Blues
By Fred Siegel
Narrow fringe groups are strangling New York politics. By rejecting nonpartisan elections, they've depressed turnouts, driven up city labor costs, and catered to the public sector unions.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 8, 2021
Too Much Froth
By Joel Kotkin and Fred Siegel
The latte quotient is a bad strategy for building middle-class cities.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 20, 2020
Worse Than Corruption
By Fred Siegel
It may be too much to ask, but one can only imagine a brighter future if our cities manage to play to their strengths and effectively deliver basic services at a reasonable price.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 11, 2021
A Conversation with Dan Malloy on the Quality of Life
Stamford, Conn., 25 miles northeast of New York City, is an economically and culturally diverse community of 120,000 people. Unlike some of its tony suburban neighbors, Stamford is not an exclusive playground for the well-heeled -- one-quarter of its households have incomes of $25,000 or less. Yet it is frequently praised for its high quality of life. Blueprint asked Mayor Dan Malloy about the city's challenges and the secrets of its success.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 29, 2020
Rethinking Urbanism
By Robert D. Atkinson
A review of Myron Orfield's "American Metropolitics: The New Suburban Reality."

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 1, 2020
Facing the New Suburban Housing Crunch
By Michael A. Stegman, Roberto G. Quercia, and George McCarthy
The quest for affordable housing has become a middle class crisis -- and it has moved into the suburbs.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 1, 2020
The Quality of Life Agenda
By Fred Siegel and Will Marshall
Voters want livable communities, clean air, smart growth, safe streets and schools -- and relief from the work-family crunch.

DLC | Poll | September 1, 2020
Why Voters Care About the Quality of Life
By Mark J. Penn
Sprawl, crime, congestion, too much sex on TV, and too little time with family -- these are the issues that increasingly engage voters. They want open spaces, flex-time, and safety - including gun registration. Lawmakers would do well to listen.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 1, 2020
Blueprint Magazine: The Quality of Life Issue
By Peter Ross Range
That's the saying around the office of Georgia Governor Roy E. Barnes. This issue of Blueprint is dedicated to Barnes' proposition that quality of life issues must be at the center of any new politics for the 21st century.

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