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Middleman Opposition to E-commerce
PPI | Policy Report | June 30, 2020
Leveling the E-Commerce Playing Field
By Robert D. Atkinson
Congress should not grant states the right to tax Internet sales unless they have first eliminated protectionist laws and regulations that discriminate against e-commerce, or unless they can make a clear and compelling argument that discriminatory laws or regulations are required for consumer protection.

PPI | Policy Report | March 18, 2020
Modernizing Home Buying
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
E-transformation of the residential real estate industry -- prompted by smart public policy -- can streamline the home buying process and save homeowners billions of dollars every year.

PPI | Policy Report | February 6, 2021
Buying Wine Online
By Brian Newkirk and Robert Atkinson
As in several other industries, middlemen in the alcohol industry are fighting to constrain consumers' choices and producers' access to markets in the interest of self-preservation.

PPI | Testimony | October 8, 2020
Possible Anticompetitive Efforts to Restrict Competition on the Internet
By Robert Atkinson
PPI vice president Robert Atkinson testified before an FTC's workshop entitled "Possible Anticompetitive Efforts to Restrict Competition on the Internet."

PPI | Testimony | September 26, 2020
State Impediments to E-Commerce: Consumer Protection or Veiled Protectionism?
By Robert D. Atkinson
Remarks before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection.

PPI | Policy Report | March 13, 2020
The Best States for E-Commerce
By Robert D. Atkinson and Thomas G. Wilhelm
How state laws, regulations, and administrative actions are supporting -- or hindering -- choices and opportunities for American Internet users.

PPI | Policy Report | January 26, 2021
Revenge of the Disintermediated: How the Middleman is Fighting E-Commerce and Hurting Consumers
By Robert D. Atkinson
E-commerce is threatening to cut out the middleman. But rather than sit idly by, retailers, brokers and other middlemen are relying on laws and regulations to protect them. PPI argues that policy makers should be on the side of consumers. This report offers five specific recommendations.

PPI | Briefing | June 15, 2020
Stopping the Regulatory Threats to the Emergence of Online Law
By James H. Johnston and Robert D. Atkinson
Technology, and the Internet specifically, has the potential to increase productivity in the legal industry, thereby lowering costs to American consumers and letting more Americans consume legal services. But this will only happen if the "bricks and mortar" legal industry does not attempt to transfer its existing regulatory scheme, developed in an era before advanced communications, onto Internet law.

Admin | Memo | October 28, 2020
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