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Technology & Innovation
Homeland Security
PPI | Policy Report | September 29, 2020
Technological Innovation Without Big Brother
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Rather than fear technology because of potential abuses, governments should devote their efforts to deploying modern information technology in ways that protect our privacy as citizens while allowing us to reap the benefits as taxpayers.

PPI | Policy Report | February 7, 2021
Modernizing the State Identification System
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Smart ID cards can reduce the threat of terrorism while helping transform government operations and boost economic productivity.

PPI | Briefing | January 18, 2021
The State and Local Role in Domestic Defense
By John D. Cohen and John A. Hurson
The best preparation for future acts of terror can be found in the same techniques and technologies that can be used to better protect our neighborhoods from drug traffickers, robbers, and burglars, and to keep our communities healthier.

PPI | Briefing | January 18, 2021
Using Technology to Detect and Prevent Terrorism
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Technology has revolutionized the economy with dramatic productivity improvements and an array of new communications and information processing tools. We must bring that same revolution to domestic defense, to gain maximum security and public confidence with minimum investment.

PPI | Q & A | January 18, 2021
Frequently Asked Questions about Smart ID Cards
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Taken as a whole, the potential benefits of smart ID cards far outweigh the potential risks.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 16, 2021
Winning with Technology
By Shane Ham
The information revolution can help us track and stop terrorists -- if we act boldly.

PPI | Policy Report | September 26, 2020
How Technology Can Help Make Air Travel Safe Again
By Robert D. Atkinson
To be effective, airline security in the 21st century must employ the technology of the 21st century. There are a host of technologies, such as biometric authentication, radio-frequency tags, and better luggage and passenger scanning technologies that are ready now to play key roles in enhancing security.

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