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Technology & Innovation
Science and R&D; Policy
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | July 29, 2020
Idea of the Week: Break the Stalemate on Stem-Cell Research
We applaud Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's surprising announcement that he would support embryonic stem-cell research. But actions speak louder than words; it's time for Frist to move quickly to inact this important legislation.

PPI | Presentation | May 2, 2020
Presentation to the Council of Scientific Society Presidents
By Robert D. Atkinson
Powerpoint Presentation: Waves of Innovation Drive Cycles of Growth & Change.

PPI | Presentation | March 9, 2020
Waves of Innovation Drive Cycles of Growth & Change
By Robert D. Atkinson
Powerpoint presentation to the Association of University Research Parks.

Electronic Business Online | Article | October 1, 2020
The End of Innovation?
By Bill Roberts
If the U.S. doesn't invest more in the R of electronics R&D;, the impact on the industry may be devastating.

Issues in Science and Technology | Book Review | April 1, 2020
The New Knowledge Economy
By Robert Atkinson
A review of Joel Mokyr's The Gifts of Athena: Historical Origins of the Knowledge Economy.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2020
Political Science, Bush Style
By Brian Newkirk
Scientific advisers must pass ideological litmus tests.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 25, 2020
Resisting the Brave New World
By Robert D. Atkinson
A review of Francis Fukuyama's "Our Posthuman Future," and Douglas Mulhall's "Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World."

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 26, 2020
Idea of the Week: A VC Fund for Anti-Bioterrorism Technology
We need a rapid redeployment of resources to intensify research and development of technologies that will help us detect, prevent, contain, and counter biological and chemical agents.

PPI | Backgrounder | July 5, 2020
The Promise of Therapeutic Cloning
By Shane Ham
It is important to distinguish between two distinct kinds of cloning: therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning. We must not close the door on the former because of fears about the latter.

DLC | New Dem Daily | June 22, 2020
Idea of the Week: Funding Stem Cell Research
Embryonic stem cell research is, at present, the best hope around for potentially enormous breakthroughs in the treatment of major diseases from diabetes to Alzheimer's, because embryonic stem cells act, in effect, as the body's "universal clay."

PPI | Policy Report | June 19, 2020
Stem Cell Research: The Case for Federal Funding
By Rebecca Dudzik Ham, Ph.D
Over 3,000 people die every day in the United States from diseases that may someday be treatable as a result of stem cell research.

PPI | Policy Report | May 1, 2020
Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture
By Megan M. Susman
Respected safety testing procedures, a strong scientific base of understanding, and a well-informed public are essential to reaping the benefits of biotechnology and avoiding potential harm.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 1, 2020
Resource for Research
By Kerry Tremain
NIH's PubMed Central puts life science online.

PPI | Briefing | May 1, 2020
Boosting Technological Innovation Through the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit
By Robert D. Atkinson
If the R&D; credit is to play a renewed role in fostering innovation in the New Economy, a number of changes are needed including: making it permanent, simplifying it, reforming the Alternative Minimum Credit, expanding the credit to support collaborative R&D;, and making it easier for small and new businesses to access it.

DLC | New Dem Daily | March 15, 2020
Idea of the Week: Permanent Extension and Modernization of the R&D; Tax Credit
Growth in the New Economy is increasingly driven by innovation born of investments in research. By encouraging R&D;, government policy can play an important catalytic role in spurring economic growth. The R&D; tax credit is the right approach. The time has come, two decades after its introduction, to make the R&D; credit permanent and more effective.

PPI | Backgrounder | December 1, 2020
After the Ehlers Report
By Robert D. Atkinson, Ph.D.
The old model of federal science policy no longer works and it is time to develop a new one, the Ehlers report is a first step in this direction. We must go further, however, if the nation is to develop a new approach to science and technology that fits with the realities of the New Economy.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 1, 2020
Innovation: The New Pump of Growth
By Paul Romer
If we can more beyond narrow political debates about science and technology policy -- and identify the features that distinguish successful initiatives from failures -- we should be able to agree on a new generation of proposals that can lift the nation to new heights in the next century.

DLC | Briefing | September 16, 2020
Reforming the Patent System
In the New Economy, intellectual property and the capacity to create it, protect it, and use it, is increasingly important to our nation's economic well-being. An efficient, non-litigious, and fair patent system is a key to stimulating innovation.

PPI | Briefing | July 1, 2020
Innovation, Social Capital, and the New Economy
By Jane E. Fountain and Robert D. Atkinson
In the New Economy, it is critical to innovation for networks of organizations to develop the ability to work in collaboration to promote mutual productive gain. The federal government needs to establish an expanded set of policy tools that fosters linkages and trust to support this growth.

PPI | Briefing | June 1, 2020
The Case for Technology in the Knowledge Economy
By Kenan Patrick Jarboe and Robert D. Atkinson
To effectively spur economic growth in the new knowledge economy, government must go beyond its traditional roles of spurring consumption Keynesian style or simply cutting taxes on capital.

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