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Digital Economy / Telecommunications
PPI | Policy Report | March 16, 2005 | 
Internet Telephone Service: A New Era of Competition in Telecommunications
By Robert D. Atkinson
Internet telephony requires a new regulatory framework -- a streamlined set of federal guidelines geared to the more competitive telephony marketplace enabled by VoIP.

UPI | Column | February 4, 2021
Wireless World: SBC and remaking AT&T;
By Gene J. Koprowski
The massive merger of SBC and AT&T; may portend momentous changes in the way consumers and businesses procure wireless fidelity and Internet telephone services, among other offerings -- but only if regulators and the U.S. Congress approve the $16 billion proposal.<

The Hill | Article | February 4, 2021
To Tax or Not To Tax? That is the Question
By Robert Atkinson
Congress needs to make sure that discriminatory taxes are banned and that Internet access and broadband services, and any applications running over them, such as e-mail and VOIP, are exempt from local, state and federal taxes.

PPI | Event | March 18, 2020
PPI's IT and Economic Growth Conference
The Progressive Policy Institute hosted a conference titled "The Next Phase of IT-Driven Growth and Productivity and What Government Can Do To Help It," in Washington, D.C. on March 18, 2003. Check here for presentation slides and webcasts from the event.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 2, 2020
Filling the Fat Pipes
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Congress should help stimulate demand for high-speed Internet access.

PPI | Policy Report | September 24, 2020
Unleashing the Potential of the High-Speed Internet
By Robert D. Atkinson, Shane Ham, and Brian Newkirk
Most Americans feel that the current offerings on the Internet do not justify paying for a broadband connection. In turn, low take-up rates give service providers little justification for large-scale rollouts that could drive prices down. Solving this chicken-or-egg conundrum that is limiting broadband needs to be a key goal of public policy.

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 31, 2020
The Internet Tax Moratorium: Act Now, But Don't Just Punt
Congress and the states cannot indefinitely postpone responsible action to create a system of sales taxes that's compatible with the New Economy.

PPI | Policy Report | June 8, 2020
The Failure of Cyber-Libertarianism: The Case for a National E-Commerce Strategy
By Robert D. Atkinson
As recently as a year ago, cyber-pundits confidently proclaimed that because the Internet was "the biggest thing since the printing press," there wasn't much for policymakers to do except stay out of the way and "do no harm." The reality was and is different.

PPI | Policy Report | March 15, 2020
A Third Way Framework for Global E-Commerce
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson
Through an innovative Third Way approach, combining government action and development of new private institutions, it is possible to create an environment of trust for buyers and sellers that will allow cross-border e-commerce to flourish.

DLC | New Dem Daily | June 19, 2020
Idea of the Week: Online Law
New Democrats should welcome online law as a way to make legal services cheaper, more convenient, less confusing, and better designed to replace fear and anger towards the law with trust and confidence.

iMP magazine | Article | April 21, 2020
Digital Automation and the New Workforce
By Robert D. Atkinson
In the next 20 years, the digital economy will have significant effects on the workforce with fewer Americans processing information or transaction and many more engaged in higher skilled knowledge work. The challenge will be to help Americans get the skills for these new positions while at the same time working to keep the divide between this high skilled knowledge work and lower skilled service jobs from growing.

PPI | Briefing | January 1, 2021
Social Policy in a Competitive Marketplace
By Robert D. Atkinson
As telecom competition and the Internet advance and converge, reform of the universal service system for plain old telephone service has become imperative.

DLC | New Dem Daily | September 20, 2020
Idea of the Week: The "Software Solution" For The Internet Sales Tax
Development and dissemination of the right computer software can make fair taxation of the Internet and other remote sales easy and efficient.

PPI | Policy Report | September 1, 2020
Internet Taxation: A Software Solution
By Robert D. Atkinson and Randolph Court
Many who have debated this issue have made it more complicated than it needs to be.

PPI | Backgrounder | June 1, 2020
The Emerging Export Control Crisis
By Robert D. Atkinson and Joseph M. Ward
The federal government should raise the criteria defining high-performance computers and establish a sliding index that allows export controls to keep pace with the constantly increasing levels of computer processing power.

DLC | Briefing | May 24, 2020
Reforming Encryption Export Controls
Two equally legitimate concerns are at the center of this debate: (1) the need for the law enforcement and national security community to be able to get access to information, and (2) the need for a competitive U.S. information technology industry and strong national capabilities in this important technological area.

PPI | Briefing | May 1, 2020
Decoding Encryption
By Robert D. Atkinson
The Administration should further ease export controls on encryption technology, and Congress should pass legislation to do the same, while supporting an industry-government partnership to address the challenges presented by advancing technology.

PPI | Backgrounder | March 1, 2020
Avoiding a Y2K Lawsuit Frenzy
By Robert D. Atkinson and Joseph M. Ward
In order to diminish the threat of burdensome and unwarranted litigation, it is essential that any legislation addressing Y2K liability: encourage remediation over litigation; enact fair rules for businesses; promote Alternative Dispute Resolution; and discourage frivolous lawsuits while protecting avenues of redress for parties that suffer real injuries.

DLC | Briefing | April 29, 2020
Taxing the Internet
Faster economic growth is the prerequisite for expanding opportunity and raising living standards. Because of its significant potential to improve productivity, the Internet will be a key technology in helping boost wages and economic growth in the immediate future. Subjecting the Internet now to an array of new state and local taxes threatens to slow its growth.

PPI | Policy Report | July 1, 2020
Shortcut to the Information Superhighway
By Steven R. Rivkin and Jeremy D. Rosner
The United States could spur tremendous economic growth, productivity gains, job creation, entrepreneurial opportunities, and positive social change by speeding the next wave of telecommunications technology -- a nationwide, universal fiber optic network to link every home, school, library, and business.

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