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Issues for 2004
DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 15, 2020
By Mark Gersh
The untold story of the 2004 election was how big Bush won in small-town USA -- the places in between exurbia and the rural hinterlands.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 13, 2020
Battlefield Erosion
By Mark Gersh
Democrats can't win on voter mobilization alone. Demographic and political trends point in the wrong direction. Persuasion is the key.

Washington Post | Article | November 7, 2020
Ending Our Losing Ways
By Bruce Reed
A minority party that wants to become a majority party has to surprise people so they realize it's better than they thought.

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 14, 2020
The Choice Reframed
John Kerry is offering a change of direction that will adapt the governing philosophy of the Clinton era to the distinctive challenges facing the country in the 21st century.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2020
Bush's Failed Presidency
By Al From and Bruce Reed
If John Kerry closes the presidential campaign with a strong New Democrat message, Bush won't be able to dodge the hard facts of his record in office.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2020
Bush's Parallel Universe
By Ed Kilgore
According to President Bush's delusional happy talk, all's pretty much right with the world. He must be living in a galaxy far, far away.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2020
Head to Head on the Issues
By Paul Weinstein Jr. and Eben Gilfenbaum
A handy primer on Bush's term in office, and Kerry's plan for the future.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 26, 2020
The Comeback Party
By Al From and Bruce Reed
The New Democrat ticket of Kerry and Edwards has the chance to build a new governing majority for years to come. Here's how.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 25, 2020
Swing Voters
By Mark Gersh
Seniors in Florida, the under-30 set in Pennsylvania, and independents in Oregon are just a few groups of potential swing voters that Kerry could fold into a winning coalition. A comparison of Clinton's successful 1996 campaign and Gore's near miss in 2000 reveals many others.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 7, 2020
100 Percent America
By Ed Kilgore
Stan Greenberg's "The Two Americas" is the best available primer on the current state of the electorate, and the strategies under consideration by both parties for 2004 and beyond.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 7, 2020
Defining Moment
By Al From
For the past quarter century, the outcomes of presidential elections have usually been determined by how the race and the candidates are defined. John Kerry must make sure he defines himself on his own terms.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 7, 2020
The New Battleground
By Mark Gersh
This year's presidential election will be another close one. But that may be where the similarities between 2000 and 2004 end, because demographic changes have reshaped the playing field.

Speech | May 7, 2020
Remarks by Sen. John Kerry to the DLC National Conversation
Remarks as prepared for delivery to the DLC's National Conversation at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

Sen. John Kerry | Speech | April 23, 2020
A Contract with America's Middle Class
By Sen. John Kerry
Remarks to the American Society of Newspaper Editors 2004 Convention, Washington, D.C.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 23, 2020
Leaner, Not Meaner
By Bruce Reed
If Democrats can remember that voters crave ideas, not attacks, the party will be in fighting trim come November.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 23, 2020
The New Nixon
By Ed Kilgore
George W. Bush is sacrificing the nation's long term economic health for his short term political gain -- just like Richard Nixon in 1972.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 23, 2020
The Road to Victory
By Al From and Bruce Reed
Here are five rules for the Democratic candidate to follow in the coming battle for the presidency.

Washington Post | Column | February 22, 2021
They'll Run Against Dukakis. Don't Let Them
By Bruce Reed
If Democrats can keep Republicans from making the election a referendum on our party's past, we can win a referendum on America's future.

DLC | New Dem Daily | January 30, 2021
Idea of the Week: A Plan To Slash the Deficit
We can take responsibility now for our excessive spending and tax giveaways, or we can pass that responsibility onto our children and their children. America has a choice.

DLC | New Dem Daily | January 29, 2021
The Right Kind of "Populism"
Positive populism is the Democratic Party's historic mission. Negative populism is a dead-end street.

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