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DLC | Talking Points | June 13, 2020
The Third Way
Led by New Democrats, the Third Way is helping prepare the Western world and its people for the opportunities and challenges of a global Information Age. It promotes the enduring values of the progressive political tradition through new ideas for solving common problems.

DLC | Talking Points | May 1, 2020
The New Democrat Credo
The New Democrat point of view on the economy, tolerance, community, the global economy, and the Information Age.

DLC | Talking Points | November 1, 2020
The New Economy
New Democrats understand that only by accelerating change and spreading the use of information technologies throughout the economy can we achieve the rapid productivity gains needed for wages to grow for those so far left behind in the New Economy.

DLC | Talking Points | November 1, 2020
Trade and Globalization
A Third Way, New Democrat approach to trade and globalization includes: support for opening new markets and expanded trade to sustain economic growth and increase standards of living, support for the WTO model of strong rules-based global institutions, and a domestic agenda that expands the winner's circle of Americans benefitting from the global economy.

DLC | Talking Points | July 1, 2020
States and the New Economy
New Democrats believe that we must adapt our public policy framework to the unique properties and logic of the New Economy.

DLC | Talking Points | July 1, 2020
Violence in America
Government's first responsibility is to protect law-abiding citizens against criminal violence. Americans should not have to protect themselves by carrying firearms and patrolling their own streets.

DLC | Talking Points | March 1, 2020
Patients' Bill of Rights
New Democrats believe that by avoiding partisanship and focusing on solutions that favor consumers over bureaucrats, providers, and lawyers, Congress can successfully improve access to quality health care for all Americans

DLC | Talking Points | November 1, 2020
The 1998 Elections
By neutralizing age-old Republican lines of attack, Democrats made the 1996 and 1998 elections turn on issues more favorable to themeducation, health care, and Social Security.

DLC | Talking Points | September 28, 2020
China's Entry into the WTO
The ultimate goal for the United States should be to fully integrate China into the global economy based on the same multilateral rules, standards, and institutions to which America adheres. This will increase market access for U.S. goods and services and at the same time promote growth, raise standards of living, and spur progress toward economic and political reform in China.

DLC | Talking Points | July 1, 2020
We believe educational results, not educational spending, is the measure of our dedication to public schools.

DLC | Talking Points | June 13, 2020
"Sprawl" is poorly managed suburban development that degrades the quality of life, particularly in suburbs. Its characteristics vary from place to place, but usually include increased traffic congestion, disappearance of open spaces, and strains on public infrastructure from schools to sewers.

DLC | Talking Points | May 7, 2020
China, PNTR & National Security
Enactment of PNTR and China's accession to the WTO will advance our national interest by integrating China further into the international rules-based system. As China increasingly has a stake in the stability and security of the global economic system, it will increasingly define its own security interests in non-proliferation in ways compatible with the United States and our allies.

DLC | Talking Points | February 4, 2021
Return of the Goodling Amendment
National education standards and tests are essential to education reform. Passage of the Goodling bill will short-circuit fruitful discussions and set back testing and standards for the foreseeable future.

DLC | Talking Points | September 4, 2020
National Education Standards
National education standards should be a public policy "no brainer." Having some universally accepted yardstick for student competency on basic skills is critical to every other education reform effort, whether it revolves around choice and competition, curriculum, teacher training, instructional innovations, or even equalization of funding.

DLC | Talking Points | July 24, 2020
The TEAM Act
Unions are a time-honored vehicle for protecting workers and representing their interests, and where employees seek to organize through unions, their employers should not be free to frustrate those efforts through company-sponsored alternatives. But in workplaces where there is no verifiable employee interest in organizing through unions, labor laws should not prevent worker empowerment through EI's or teams.

DLC | Talking Points | June 27, 2020
Budget Agreement Conference Issues
The upcoming budget agreement conference should produce results which reflect the following New Democrat Principles: fiscal discipline, the promise of Social Security and Medicare, welfare reform, and a sound tax policy which ensures sufficient revenue for services while focusing on factors which actually create growth for the New Economy.

DLC | Talking Points | June 24, 2020
Talking About Renewing China MFN
Given China's size, strategic importance, and potential economic and political power, the United States should seek a "new bargain" with China whereby we support modernization of its economy while drawing it into international institutions and rules of conduct.

DLC | Talking Points | June 20, 2020
The primary object of welfare reform should be to replace the old income maintenance system with an employment system that helps recipients move as quickly as possible into unsubsidized, private sector jobs.

DLC | Talking Points | June 12, 2020
Tax Cuts
At a time when many Members of Congress view the Budget Resolution's agreement to cut taxes as an invitation to dole out favors to various constituency groups, everyone should maintain a clear perspective on the economic, social, and political implications of the various proposed tax changes.

DLC | Talking Points | June 5, 2020
Medicare Reform
The key to Medicare reform is to harness market forces in a way that increases choice for beneficiaries while making health plans compete on the basis of both price and quality. Medicare beneficiaries deserve to have the same choices and responsibilities as other Americans.

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