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America by the Numbers
DLC | Political Memo | May 31, 2020
America by the Numbers: Comparing the Presidents' Economic Records
By Al From
President Clinton promoted a New Democrat formula of fiscal discipline, investments in people and technology, and expanded trade to grow the economy, create jobs, and raise incomes. The results speak for themselves.

DLC | Political Memo | April 11, 2020
America by the Numbers: Trust on Two Key Issues Central to Presidential Elections
By Al From
The challenge to Democrats is clear: if we want to win back the Presidency in 2004, we can't let the pre-Clinton perceptions of the parties on the economy and foreign policy stand.

DLC | Political Memo | January 28, 2021
America by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Trust in Government
By Al From
While most Americans trust the government to handle national security and to fight terrorism, they do not share that same faith in government on social policy issues.

DLC | Political Memo | January 25, 2021
America by the Numbers: How Tariffs Hurt the Working Poor
By Al From
The argument for and against expanded trade is usually made in terms of jobs. But the untold story in the trade debate is about tariffs and how these "protections" are nothing more than a regressive tax that comes in the form of higher prices for goods in protected industries.

DLC | Political Memo | December 10, 2020
America by the Numbers: There's More Trust in Government, Not Hunger For Big Government
By Al From
In the aftermath of September 11, more Americans have greater faith in government. That means that the anti-government approach of the Republicans is more outmoded than ever. But neither do voters want a return to the days of big government. They still prefer the New Democrat-Third Way approach.

DLC | Political Memo | November 19, 2020
America by the Numbers: Senior Voters Divided Along Gender and Generational Lines
By Al From
According to conventional wisdom, senior citizens are reliable Democratic voters. But, as is often the case, the conventional wisdom is wrong. In reality, seniors vote much like all other age groups; sometimes they vote a little more Democratic, sometimes a little less than younger voters.

DLC | Political Memo | October 25, 2020
America by the Numbers: Families Gain Record Ground Against Poverty
By Al From
Recently released census data reveal an under-appreciated achievement of the Clinton Administration and its New Democrat policies.

DLC | Political Memo | October 24, 2020
America by the Numbers
A new regular feature by DLC Founder and CEO Al From, providing political analysis of data on life in America.

Admin | Memo | October 28, 2020
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