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DLC | New Dem Dispatch | November 16, 2020
A Bipartisan Call For A Clear Iraq Strategy
Yesterday, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution that represented a stinging, bipartisan rebuke to the Bush administration's "Just Trust Us" approach to the immediate and long-range future of our involvement in Iraq.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 20, 2020
Republican Budget Follies
While Democrats are rightly deploring the whole Congressional budget resolution mess, that's not enough: They should show clearly what they would do with the power of the purse.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 17, 2020
The "Nuclear Option": Extremism in the Defense of Partisan Power
Senate Republicans are openly considering a radical change in that chamber's very nature in order to establish iron partisan control of the process for confirming federal judges. Democrats should support their senators in a principled effort to stop this partisan outrage, and to make real political reform the highest possible priority.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 16, 2020
PAYGO, Or No Go, On the Budget
PAYGO worked before, it can work again; and it's a useful tool for reforming a Congress that's lost its grip on the basics of fiscal arithmetic.

DLC | New Dem Daily | November 30, 2020
A Bright IDEA
Last week's reauthorization of special education legislation is a bright spot in a bitterly contentious and unproductive Congressional session.

DLC | New Dem Daily | November 29, 2020
Banning Bipartisanship
Bipartisanship reached a new and even historic low last week, as House Speaker Dennis Hastert refused to bring an administration-backed bipartisan intelligence reform bill to the floor that would have definitely passed, because he wasn't sure a majority of House Republicans supported it.

DLC | New Dem Daily | November 15, 2020
A Really Lame Duck
Fresh from one of the least productive sessions since the famous "do-nothing" Congress of 1947-48, Republican congressional leaders have herded the House and Senate back into Washington for a "lame duck" session devoted to -- well, being lame.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 11, 2021
How the Hill Was Lost
By Jennifer E. Duffy and Amy Walter
Two analysts for the Cook Political Report examine the 2002 election and come to a startling conclusion: America remains equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. What makes this surprising is that so many post-election observers asserted, wrongly, that the nation experienced a seismic political shift on Nov. 5. Here's the real story.

PPI | Political Memo | February 25, 2020
Trade Debate in the Senate
By Edward Gresser
In coming weeks, the Senate will take up both a "Trade Promotion Authority" (TPA) bill and a significant reform and expansion of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program -- which assists workers afffected by foreign competitors. Together, these represent a strong and comprehensive agenda for the next five years of U.S. trade policy.

DLC | New Dem Daily | November 21, 2020
Airport Security Technology Provisions Make the Cut
It's important to make sure airport security personnel are up to snuff. But in the long run, the brainpower reflected in our technology will be America's best protection of safety in airports and in the skies.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 15, 2020
Congress and the War on Terror
By Steven J. Nider
Bush needs to make Capitol Hill his partner in this conflict.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 12, 2020
The Horizontal vs. The Washington Way
By Dave Shiflett
"Out here in the bush where I live, we honor the Horizontal Way."

House NDC | Key Document | June 13, 2020
e-genda 2001
By New Democrat Coalition
The NDC's third release of a comprehensive New Economy policy agenda.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 9, 2020
Bush Stalled in the Senate
The Senate last week handed President Bush his first major defeat in his efforts to push his tax cut agenda through Congress on party-line votes. Beyond the specifics of the vote, it showed, once and for all, that the Administration is not going to be able to control the Senate by holding every Republican and picking off several Democrats.

DLC | New Dem Daily | November 2, 2020
Congress Gets an "Incomplete"
Like a college student unready to face final exams, the GOP leadership decided to postpone a grade on its work this term. It will be interesting to see if voters believe a little more time will make a difference.

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 24, 2020
Byrd's Bad Idea
Like a very, very bad penny, Sen. Robert Byrd's (D-WV) very bad idea for protecting import-sensitive industries keeps turning up -- and this time, it could turn up in the statute books as part of a fast-moving, must-pass appropriations vehicle. It would offer protection without even raising public revenues, would represent a policy of "Tariffs for subsidy only." It's a backward step, and one we should not take.

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 19, 2020
Do The Right Thing
The 1996 welfare reform bill included Republican provisions arbitrarily denying a range of benefits to legal immigrants. President Clinton, echoed by New Democrats who favored his decision to sign the bill, pledged to do whatever it took to reverse those provisions. Since then, the President has made progress with initiatives in 1997 and 1998. This year, he's trying to take additional steps -- and Republicans in Congress should let him.

DLC | New Dem Daily | August 1, 2020
Zell Yes
In the wake of the tragic, premature death of Sen. Paul Coverdell, Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes managed to talk the best qualified possible candidate, former Gov. Zell Miller, into serving in the Senate and seeking the remainder of Coverdell's term in a special election in November. He will be an important addition to the growing New Democrat ranks in the Senate.

DLC | New Dem Daily | July 18, 2020
Let The Hostage Go!
You may have noticed that nothing has happened in the Senate on Permanent Normal Trade Relations for China in the seven weeks since it passed the House. That's because Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott hasn't brought it up for a vote.

DLC | New Dem Daily | July 10, 2020
Senate Debates A Bad Idea For Non-Proliferation Policy Toward China
As the U.S. Senate moves slowly but inexorably toward approval of Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, it's open season for related but separate China-bashing legislation. Witness S. 2645, "The China Non-Proliferation Act."

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