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National Defense & Homeland Security
Emerging Threats
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | May 11, 2020
Nukes Still Loose
Amidst all the hoopla surrounding the president's tour of the former Soviet Union, some have missed the big missed opportunity of this trip: Bush's failure in direct talks with Russian President Putin to make any progress on the urgent issue of securing nuclear materials and generally avoiding nuclear terrorism or an accidental nuclear war.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 11, 2020
Idea of the Week: Fighting Nuclear Terrorism
As Sam Nunn reminds us, this administration's record on fighting nuclear terrorism is a physical hazard to our fundamental national security, and the Bolton nomination creates an urgent opportunity to talk about that.

DLC | New Dem Daily | December 8, 2020
The Not-So-Loose Nukes
Earlier this week, Sam Nunn raised an alarm about the possibility of an "accidental" nuclear war. It's time for President Bush to pay attention.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2020
Nuclear Terrorism
By Graham Allison
An exerpt from Graham Allison's book: Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe.

DLC | Blueprint Extra | September 30, 2020
Are the Germans Really Anti-American, or Just Anti-Bush?
By Peter Ross Range
No matter who started this playground brawl, important relations between major countries can clearly be substantively damaged when neither pays enough attention to the other's interests and concerns.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 29, 2020
Fire Fighters Gird for a Long War
By Harold Schaitberger
They've been lionized and loved. Now they need funds and equipment.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 16, 2021
Reforming Public Health for Bioterrorism
By Tara O'Toole, M.D.
We have no biodefense. Public health should become an integral part of our national security system.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 15, 2020
Preparing for Bioterrorism
By Peter Ross Range
Our alarming lack of preparedness was shockingly revealed in last summer's "Dark Winter" war games.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 10, 2020
A Third Way on Missile Defense
By Steven J. Nider
Restoring a sense of proportion to the debate.

DLC | New Dem Daily | March 30, 2020
Idea of the Week: No Loose Nukes
The shocking collapse of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago undoubtedly made the world a safer place. But the hardware of the Cold War did not just disappear.

DLC | New Dem Daily | September 12, 2020
The Deal Goes Down
Today the U.S. Senate will vote on the one amendment to legislation granting Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China that could pass: the Thompson-Torricelli legislation aimed at punishing China for its sins against non-proliferation. Its adoption would probably kill China PNTR for this session of Congress.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
Containing Loose Nukes
By Sam Nunn
A weak Russia is a threat to our security.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
Defusing Today's Doomsday Machines
By Michael Krepon
The Cold War is over, but the world bristles with new nuclear dangers.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
E-Terror in Cyberspace
By Peter A. Wilson
A fictional cyberattack shows how vulnerable we are.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
Get Ready for Cyberwar
By Sam Nunn
The Senate's former defense expert shows that weapons of mass disruption may endanger us as much as weapons of mass destruction.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
The Bio-Chem Threat
By Zachary Selden
Saddam still has secret factories, and Aum Shinrikyo showed how to attack with gas. But the likelihood of biological and chemical warfare may be less than we thought.

PPI | Talking Points | October 12, 2020
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
By ending all nuclear weapons test explosions and all other nuclear explosions, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty will constrain the development and qualitative improvement of nuclear weapons. Make no mistake, failure to ratify CTBT will harm America's national security interests.

PPI | Backgrounder | March 1, 2020
Confronting the Threat of Biological Weapons
By Zachary Selden
The current situation in Iraq and the recent attempts by domestic terrorist organizations to obtain biological weapons are indications of the threats the United States will face in the future. Simply put, biological weapons are cheap, relatively easy to produce, and extremely deadly. The demonstrated interest by both terrorist groups and rogue states in these weapons completes the recipe for a threat we dare not ignore.

PPI | Backgrounder | April 9, 2020
Ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
By Steven J. Nider
Americans face a real possibility that they will be exposed to chemical weapons attacks -- Roughly 20 countries around the world now have chemical weapons programs. Although CWC is not without its flaws, it would give us more information and a mechanism to detect proliferators.

PPI | Policy Report | May 1, 2020
Missile Defense and American Security
By Peter D. Zimmerman
Credible deterrence is a key factor in protection against missile attack. American security has been based principally on a calculus of deterrence, which maintained the peace during the Cold War, and continues to be effective.

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