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National Defense & Homeland Security
Military Transformation
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | May 13, 2020
Idea of the Week: Military Base Realignment
It's important that the BRAC process be allowed to proceed to fruition on a bipartisan basis as an urgent national security priority.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 25, 2020
Distorting the Record
By Steven J. Nider
George W. Bush is running ads attacking John Kerry for supporting defense cuts proposed by then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 7, 2020
Stressed Out
By Steven J. Nider
Long deployments are wearing on our soldiers and straining their families back home. To relieve the pressure, we need to grow and transform the military.

The Hill | Article | March 4, 2020
Move Toward Real, Not Just Rhetorical, Transformation
By Steven Nider
We should rebalance U.S. forces to better achieve three major capabilities: preventing conflicts, waging sustained major conflicts, and nation-building and stability operations in a postwar period.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2020
Clinton's Military Legacy
By Steven J. Nider
President Bush owes a major debt of gratitude to his predecessor.

The Hill | Article | May 21, 2020
Transformative Military Plan Vindicated in Iraq
By Steven Nider
The swift three-week victory in Iraq was a vindication of a vision of military transformation that began with pioneers like former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff William Owens, was picked up and championed by Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) and former Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.), and is now being taken up by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

DLC | New Dem Daily | March 21, 2020
Idea of the Week: A New Kind of Warfare
While the effectiveness of the "decapitation" strategy is unclear, it is clear the world is witnessing the first really full-scale field test of what has been called the "revolution in military affairs."

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 10, 2020
Big Budget, Bad Choices
By Steven J. Nider
Bush's $48 billion defense spending increase may only perpetuate a Cold War force structure.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 16, 2021
Time to Transform
By James R. Blaker and Steven J. Nider
Afghanistan showed us a revolution in military affairs. Now we must put it at the top of the agenda.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | November 15, 2020
New Military Strategy Falls Short
By Steven J. Nider
The 2001 QDR is more than just a broken campaign promise, it represents a missed opportunity to reshape our military to wage a new kind of war against new threats and enemies.

DLC | New Dem Daily | October 3, 2020
A Quiet Victory for National Defense
When the Senate voted yesterday to cut off debate and proceed to a final vote on the annual Defense Reauthorization Act, it passed its first test of resolve against the temptation to promote special interests at a time when the national interest should be paramount.

DLC | New Dem Daily | May 7, 2020
A Third Way on Missile Defense
Missile defense is neither a silver bullet nor a werewolf. It can and should be part -- but only a part -- of an effective, progressive defense doctrine for the 21st century.

PPI | Front & Center | April 27, 2020
Military Transformation: Smoke or Fire?
By James R. Blaker and Steven J. Nider
Smoke signals from the Pentagon say big changes may be coming. But is it all smoke with no fire? Let's hope not.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 7, 2021
Why it's Time to Revolutionize the Military
By James R. Blaker and Steven J. Nider
If we don't speed up the shift to a modernized, fully wired military, hostile powers could use information technology to counter our dominance in conventional forces.

DLC | The New Democrat | December 20, 2020
Piercing the Fog Bank
By Steven J. Nider
America's Military Needs to Re-Examine its Most Basic Premises.

DLC | New Dem Daily | March 29, 2020
Idea of the Week: Citizen-Soldiers
The most important reason for considering a citizen-soldier option is that it would help reconnect young Americans with their civic obligation to give something back to their country for the blessings of life in a free society, without the compulsion associated with a military draft.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
Buying Smart
By Keith B. Bickel
We can't modernize by budgeting for Cold War Lite.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 1, 2021
Revolutionizing Warfare
By Admiral William A. Owens
Kosovo showed that information technology is the cutting edge of today's war.

DLC | The New Democrat | September 1, 2020
Ideas Into Action III: Revolution in Military Affairs
By Tom Mirga
A recent announcement by the Air Force offers hope that the pace of military innovation may be picking up. The service announced a major reorganization into 10 expeditionary units, each capable of quick deployment to hot spots such as Bosnia and Kuwait.

DLC | The New Democrat | September 1, 2020
Reluctant Revolutionaries
By William A. Owens
Barriers on the path to military innovation.

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