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Energy & Environment
Emerging Issues
PPI | Backgrounder | September 8, 2020
Green Gospel
By Jan Mazurek
There is a growing trend of environmental consciousness among evangelical groups, and the emergence of this religious environmental movement presents progressives with an opportunity to build a new alliance that could produce positive legislative action on a host of environmental challenges.

DLC | New Dem Dispatch | April 29, 2020
Idea of the Week: Responding to China's Power Surge
China's economic emergence is driving increased consumption of oil and higher world oil prices, while aggravating a variety of environmental problems and security concerns in the United States and elsewhere.

PPI | Policy Report | April 27, 2020
Ill Wind From China: Rapid Growth Brings Pollution, Higher Gas Prices
By Jan Mazurek
The environmental, energy, and strategic challenges posed to the United States by China's growing appetite for energy vividly illustrate why it is high time for the president and Congress to revise their go-it-alone approach and instead come to terms with the reality of our global energy and environmental interdependence.

PPI | Policy Report | May 1, 2020
Biotechnology in Food and Agriculture
By Megan M. Susman
Respected safety testing procedures, a strong scientific base of understanding, and a well-informed public are essential to reaping the benefits of biotechnology and avoiding potential harm.

DLC | The New Democrat | January 1, 2021
Digital Environmentalism
By Mark Greenwood
Empowered by technology, citizens now can truly think globally and act locally.

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