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Energy & Environment
Second Generation Policy
PPI | Backgrounder | December 1, 2020
How America Lost Its Clean Technology Edge
By Shamarukh Mohiuddin
The Bush administration's backward-looking energy and environmental policies have left the United States ill-equipped to compete with other nations in the booming global market for environmentally clean technologies.

PPI | Policy Report | December 1, 2020
How New Environmental Technologies Can Stimulate Economic Growth
By David Rejeski
America's once-pioneering laws and policies made us an early leader in environmental technologies, but we are falling behind other countries that have enacted less prescriptive, more modern environmental policies that help drive continued technological innovation.

PPI | Presentation | March 29, 2020
Third Party Auditing of Environmental Management Systems
By Jan Mazurek
This presentation was made to the American Society for Public Administration's National Conference in Portland, Oregon.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 23, 2020
Environmental Armistice
By Kathleen A. McGinty
It's time for eco-warriors and industry to realize that their interests don't make them mortal enemies. In fact, they have a lot to gain from working together.

PPI | Testimony | June 6, 2020
Testimony before the Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs
By Janice Mazurek
PPI strongly supports elevation of EPA to Cabinet status, and I would urge the Subcommittee to also consider providing EPA with the "legal space" to develop more flexible, innovative tools to better allocate scarce resources to meet the most pressing environmental concerns.

PPI | Policy Report | May 2, 2020
The Bush Administration's New Source Review Reforms
By Byron Swift
Reforms to New Source Review should proceed on two levels: 1.) Wherever possible, replace NSR with comprehensive cap-and-trade regulations and 2.) Make commonsense NSR reforms for sectors where cap-and-trade does not apply.

PPI | Policy Report | April 23, 2020
Back to the Future: How to Put Environmental Modernization Back on Track
By Jan Mazurek
Rather than content ourselves the president's effort to rekindle the green wars of the 1970s, the national interest demands that we move the current debate back to the future and pursue Second Generation strategies to make Americans healthier, safer, and more prosperous in the 21st century.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 15, 2020
Missed Deal
By Jan Mazurek
The Bush administration's tragic U-turn on environmental policy.

PPI | Front & Center | August 20, 2020
Blame it on Rio
By Jan Mazurek
President Bush should make a mid-course correction in his unproductive and unpopular environmental policies, and signal this change by announcing a specific agenda for sustainable development at Johannesburg.

National Academy Press | Book | June 20, 2020
Government-Sponsored Voluntary Programs for Firms: An Initial Survey
By Jan Mazurek
Congress should give the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the legal authority to innovate. In this new book published by the National Academy Press, Mazurek shows that although voluntary initiatives such as Project XL have helped show how environmental regulation can be modernized, EPA still needs the legal authority and resources to innovate.

Environmental Law Institute | Event | October 18, 2020
Prospects for Second Generation Legislation
Audio from The Environmental Law Institute and the ABA Special Committee on Second Generation Issues joint forum entitled "Prospects for Second Generation Legislation: Congressional, State, EPA and Other Views."

PPI | Testimony | September 21, 2020
Testimony on EPA Cabinet Elevation
By Janice Mazurek
PPI strongly supports elevation of EPA to Cabinet status. But our view is that elevation alone is insufficient to reorient the agency towards the important new challenges of the 21st century.

National Academy of Public Administration | Backgrounder | May 29, 2020
Third-Party Auditing of Environmental Management Systems
This report is the culmination of a year-long, independent evaluation of how the third-party registration system for environmental management systems (EMSs) is unfolding in the United States under ISO 14001, the international standard for EMSs.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 7, 2021
Five Essentials of Second Generation Environmentalism
By Debra Knopman
How to get citizens, businesses, and experts involved.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 7, 2021
License to Innovate
By Debra Knopman
An agenda to modernize the tools of environmental protection.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | September 1, 2020
Sell Smog Now!
By Debra Knopman
Emissions trading would put a cap on pollution - and a price. Let the market stop the smog.

PPI | Policy Report | August 1, 2020
How Environmental Laws Can Discourage Pollution Prevention
By Byron Swift
Pollution control laws have brought us better health, cleaner water and air, and improved our quality of life. Yet, in some circumstances, these same "first generation" laws inadvertently constrain technological innovation and hinder comprehensive solutions to environmental problems.

PPI | Testimony | July 6, 2020
Statement by Debra S. Knopman to the Democratic Platform Committee
By Debra S. Knopman
"Second generation policies may sound like apple pie, but these qualities -- performance-based, market-oriented, and community-friendly -- do not in fact describe the bulk of our first generation laws, regulations, and programs...."

DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 2020
Scorched Earth Policy
By Debra S. Knopman
Peter Huber's new book will likely be remembered as the sine qua non for the conservative point of view in the environmental policy debate. It is a brash, chest-thumping, take-no-prisoners attack.

DLC | Briefing | October 26, 2020
Superfund Reform and Brownfields Legislation
After four years of false starts, Superfund reform is back, with New Democrats and moderate Republicans playing a key role in the House.

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