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Health Care
Medicare & Medicaid
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | February 11, 2021
Idea of the Week: Fixing, Not Just Cutting, Medicaid
Taking a long and serious look at Medicaid could create the opportunity to align the program with a "quality revolution" in health care that aims at providing better medicine at a lower cost. This won't happen if the Bush administration plunges ahead with budget-driven efforts to treat Medicaid as little more than a cash cow for "savings."

DLC | New Dem Daily | January 13, 2021
Jeb Bush's Medicaid Cost Shift
George W. Bush isn't the only member of his family messing around with dangerous and misleading "reforms" of basic social insurance programs.

The Hill | Editorial | October 1, 2020
A Better Drug Benefit
By Jeff Lemieux
The Medicare drug benefit pending in Congress is flawed. The design was a rare political compromise; however, the result is a tortured policy that may be unworkable in practice.

PPI | Testimony | September 24, 2020
Passing the Feasibility Test: A Low-Income and Catastrophic Medicare Drug Benefit
By Jeff Lemieux
Remarks before the House Committee on Gov't Reform, Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness.

PPI | Front & Center | July 21, 2020
Don't Import Foreign Price Controls on Prescription Drugs
By David B. Kendall
Instead of pursuing price controls, which would undermine a competitive approach for delivering a Medicare drug benefit, progressives in both parties should use public policy to strengthen the ability of private markets to restrain drug prices.

PPI | Backgrounder | June 19, 2020
Fix the Medicare Compromise
By David B. Kendall and Jeff Lemieux
It's heartening that Congress at last seems determined to end the partisan posturing over prescription drugs and get something done. But the plans taking shape in both the Senate and the House have several grave defects which, if not corrected, could make the plans unworkable and add to the mounting fiscal crisis.

PPI | Testimony | May 6, 2020
McDonald's v. Burger King: A "Nothing Burger" Debate on Medicare Reform
By Jeff Lemieux
For policymaking, comparisons of long-term spending trends between Medicare and private health insurance cannot possibly settle a debate over which sector is a better value.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 2, 2020
Immediate Help on Rx Drugs
A leading group of centrist Democrats introduced a Medicare prescription drug bill today that's workable, affordable, and consistent with both current private insurance coverage and future efforts to enhance public coverage.

PPI | Policy Report | February 14, 2021
An "ABC" Proposal to Modernize Medicare
By Jeff Lemieux, David B. Kendall, Kerry Tremain, and S. Robert Levine, M.D.
PPI's proposed ABCs of "accountability" and performancebased management, modern drug "benefits," and widespread "choices" of coverage, would reposition Medicare as a national leader for health insurance quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, and would steer the program toward linked health benefits, comprehensive care management, and healthy aging.

PPI | Policy Report | February 14, 2021
Healthy Aging v. Chronic Illness: Preparing Medicare for the New Health Care Challenge
By David B. Kendall, Kerry Tremain, Jeff Lemieux, and S. Robert Levine, M.D.
By turning Medicare into a performance-based and purpose-driven program accountable for better health outcomes, but with the flexibility to reach them, the chronic care framework offers a proven method for reform.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 11, 2021
Rx for Success
By Sarah Bianchi
How Democrats lost the prescription drug debate -- and a new prescription for the future.

DLC | New Dem Daily | February 5, 2021
Health Care 'Reforms' That Ain't
The more you learn about the Bush Administration proposals to "modernize" Medicare and provide "flexibility" to states in running Medicaid, the more they simply sound like the creative use of rhetoric to disguise conservative proposals that are distinctly un-modern and inflexible.

PPI | Backgrounder | June 14, 2020
The House Medicare Bill: A Proposal Only a Politician Could Love
By Jeff Lemieux
The Republican-backed Medicare bill fails on several levels: its drug benefit is unlikely to work, its stand-alone design would further balkanize seniors' health coverage and thereby thwart Medicare reform, and its new price controls would push problems into the future, rather than working to solve them now.

PPI | Backgrounder | July 11, 2020
A Medicare Menu: The Heart of Medicare Reform
By Jeff Lemieux
The keys to Medicare reform are choice, security, and convenience, and the Progressive Policy Institute believes that a new "Medicare menu" will be the catalyst for those values.

DLC | New Dem Daily | March 21, 2020
Good News, Bad News on Medicare
The federal government's Medicare trustees have issued a new report on the solvency of the health program for retirees. The good news is that the program will not run out of money until 2029, four years later than the previous estimate. The long-term bad news is that rising health care costs are expected to make Medicare gobble up an ever-rising portion not only of the federal budget but of national wealth.

PPI | Testimony | February 28, 2020
Finding Common Ground on Medicare Reform
By Jeff Lemieux
The right mix of Medicare benefit expansions and competitive reforms requires the best of both strong government oversight and flexible private markets. Conservatives must agree to protect the fee-for-service plan for a time, and liberals must acknowledge that HCFA is not suited to run competitive systems.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 7, 2021
A New Medicare for the New Economy
By Jeff Lemieux
The boomers are coming. It's time to modernize the system.

DLC | New Dem Daily | January 30, 2021
Bush Prescribes a Placebo
We appreciate that the Bush Administration is trying to show off its brisk efficiency by whipping out new initiatives every day. But yesterday's "new" initiative, a warmed-over prescription drug proposal called "Immediate Helping Hand," isn't worth the hype it's written with.

DLC | New Dem Daily | September 11, 2020
Playing With Blocks On Rx Drugs
Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush's Immediate Helping Hand proposal that tossed $48 billion at the states for prescription drug coverage is unusually hasty and ill-thought-through, even for a campaign trail expedient.

DLC | New Dem Daily | July 12, 2020
Medicare's Mid-Life Crisis
Today marks the 35th anniversary of Medicare's enactment, and for all its undoubted successes, the health care program for retirees is beginning to show its age.

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