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Special Education
DLC | New Dem Daily | November 30, 2020
A Bright IDEA
Last week's reauthorization of special education legislation is a bright spot in a bitterly contentious and unproductive Congressional session.

PPI | Policy Report | June 25, 2020
Think Twice: Special Education Vouchers Are Not All Right
By Andrew J. Rotherham and Sara Mead
Using IDEA reauthorization as subterfuge for advancing school vouchers is ill considered, both on its merits and timing.

Education Week | Column | October 9, 2020
The Politics of IDEA Funding
By Andrew J. Rotherham
With the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act up for reauthorization, policymakers have a chance to end the stalemate over special education spending while funding the law dfferently and smarter than we do now.

PPI | Press Release | June 17, 2020
PPI Co-Sponsors Study of Parent Attitudes toward Special Education Programs
PPI was pleased to support Public Agenda in carrying out this new study -- the first of its kind based on a randomly-selected, nationally-representative sample of parents of public school children with special needs -- as part of the ongoing project, "Rethinking Special Education for a New Century."

PPI | Testimony | April 16, 2020
Ensuring High Quality Education for Students with Special Needs
By Andrew J. Rotherham
Testimony before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for the District of Columbia.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Editorial | November 1, 2020
Students Poorly Served By Special Education Program
By Andrew Rotherham
The "A" in IDEA stands for "act" -- the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. However, it could also stand for "acrimonious" because that's what IDEA has become over 25 years at the school, school district, state, and national levels....

Rethinking Special Education PPI & The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation | Book | May 9, 2020
Rethinking Special Education For A New Century
By Edited by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Andrew J. Rotherham & Charles R. Hokanson, Jr.
A volume of papers examining the past, present and future of special education, published by the Progressive Policy Institute and the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation to help lay groundwork for the 2002 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) reauthorization debate.

NDC | Message Of The Week | March 12, 2020
New Democrats Believe IDEA Funding Should Be Greater Priority
New Democrats support a federal commitment to educate our children, particularly those with special needs.

DLC | The New Democrat | May 1, 2020
Dangerous Idea
By William J. Cahir
Does the federal special education law contribute to violence in schools?

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