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Public School Choice & Charters
DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 5, 2020
D.C.'s Charter Experiment: Mixed Grades, Great Promise
An important new report from the Progressive Policy Institute concludes that "the District of Columbia's charter school movement is strong, despite growing pains" and it could become a model for the rest of the nation.

PPI | Policy Report | October 4, 2020
Capital Campaign
By Sara Mead
The District of Columbia's charter movement is one of the nation's largest and most significant, yet it still faces challenges that policymakers and educators must address in order to fulfill their promise and truly become a national model of exemplary charter schooling.

PPI | Policy Report | June 1, 2020
Chasing the Blues Away: Charter Schools Scale Up in Chicago
By Robin J. Lake and Lydia Rainey
With eight years of charter experience now under its belt, Chicago Public Schools has earned a well-deserved reputation for having one of the country's most thoughtful approaches to authorizing this new breed of independent public schools.

PPI | Policy Report | February 15, 2021
Texas Roundup: Charter Schooling in the Lone Star State
By Nelson Smith
By providing more freedom at the top of the charter scale and more oversight at the bottom, Texas can enhance the contribution its charter sector is making to today's charter movement.

PPI | Policy Report | February 1, 2021
A Tough Nut to Crack in Ohio: Charter Schooling in the Buckeye State
By Alexander Russo
Policymakers in Ohio should continue to support charter schools, which have the potential to expand educational opportunity for disadvantaged students, but they must also actively work to ensure that these schools are as much about quality as they are about choice for parents.

PPI | Policy Report | September 21, 2020
Fast Break in Indianapolis: A New Approach to Charter Schooling
By Bryan C. Hassel
Indianapolis is truly at the vanguard of educational innovation because they are taking the charter school idea in a new direction. Mayor Bart Peterson is chartering public schools to expand educational opportunities for Indianapolis students.

PPI | Policy Report | September 21, 2020
Seeds of Change in the Big Apple: Chartering Schools in New York City
By Robin J. Lake
In New York City and state, charter schools are slowly gaining momentum through performance that speaks for itself, and with quick action by authorizers and charter advocates when schools fail.

PPI | Policy Report | June 3, 2020
The Rugged Frontier: A Decade of Charter Schooling in Arizona
By Bryan C. Hassel and Michelle Godard Terrell
Arizona's charter experience over the past decade has clearly shown the power and pitfalls of a relatively open chartering system.

DLC | Speech | May 25, 2020
NYC Public Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's Remarks to the NY Charter School Association's Conference
"At their core, charter schools embody the three ingredients that are necessary for any successful school -- leadership, autonomy, and accountability."

PPI | Policy Report | May 3, 2020
Ripples of Innovation: Charter Schooling in Minnesota, the Nation's First Charter School State
By Jon Schroeder
The first generation of policy development around charters and chartering was a constant stream of give and take -- as states, like Minnesota, learned from and expanded upon the initiatives of others. This report is intended to keep that ripple of good ideas going -- and growing.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 27, 2020
Charter School Lessons
By Nelson Smith
California's successes -- and remaining hurdles -- point the way forward for policymakers.

PPI | Transcript | July 18, 2020
From Margins to Mainstream: Building a Stronger Charter School Movement
Transcripts from PPI's charter school conference, "From Margins to Mainstream: Building a Stronger Charter School Movement," held July 17-18 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

PPI | Policy Report | July 9, 2020
Catching the Wave: Lessons from California's Charter Schools
By Nelson Smith
The charter wave is still going strong in California. Whether it lifts all boats in the coming years depends on what policymakers do today.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 30, 2020
Charter School Incubators
By Sen. Tom Carper
As in the business world, where venture capitalists have established company incubators to provide hands-on start-up support, as well as services and physical space to promising entrepreneurs, charter school incubators aim to help charter schools through their shaky early stages.

DLC | New Dem Daily | April 11, 2020
Idea of the Week: Building the Charter Schoolhouse
As the No Child Left Behind Act demands that states and school districts provide public alternatives for children in low-performing schools, helping charters with facilities is both a smart way to support charters and a promising approach to increasing accountable, quality education options.

PPI | Briefing | April 9, 2020
Increasing the Supply of Public Schools
By Andrew J. Rotherham
Now that the No Child Left Behind Act requires public school choice options for students in low-performing schools, the lack of high-quality options in some areas is quickly becoming apparent. The expansion of public charter schools is a promising solution to this problem.

PPI | Policy Report | January 31, 2021
School Boards: Focus on School Performance, Not Money and Patronage
By Paul T. Hill
The work of local school boards can be focused on what children need to know and whether the schools are teaching it effectively.

DLC | New Dem Daily | December 13, 2020
Idea of the Week: Addressing The Supply Side of Public School Choice
States and school districts are now required to provide children the chance to transfer to better public schools if the ones they're in are failing. The challenge is making sure better schools exist.

PPI | Front & Center | November 22, 2020
The Supply Side of Public School Choice
By Andrew J. Rotherham
One of the most important provisions in last year's federal education bill was the requirement that students in consistently failing schools be allowed to transfer to better schools. Unfortunately, it is already abundantly clear that the impact of these measures will be limited.

PPI | Policy Report | November 22, 2020
Making Sense of the "Public" in Public Education
By Frederick M. Hess
In light of the Supreme Court's Zelman v. Simmons-Harris decision, the No Child Left Behind Act's provisions mandating creation of public choice options for children in low-performing schools, and the proliferation of charter schooling and tuition tax credit plans, it is time for policymakers to rethink what is public and private in education.

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