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Trade & Global Markets
Finance & Investment
PPI | Backgrounder | March 22, 2020
Race to the .... Top?
By Edward Gresser
Critics of open market policies routinely assert that foreign direct investment serves as a sort of "rabbit" in the "race to the bottom" -- that the lure of weak labor and environmental standards in poor countries is leading American companies inexorably to the poorest nations with the worst-paid workers and the most permissive environmental laws. A look at the record, however, shows a reality strikingly at odds with these fears.

PPI | Fact Sheet | February 1, 2021
Putting the U.S. Trade Deficit in Perspective
By Jenny Bates
The U.S. economy benefits from the opportunity to trade. It increases competition, improves the allocation of resources, provides consumers with a wider range of products at lower prices, and promotes innovation--all of which aid economic growth.

PPI | Testimony | August 1, 2020
Trade Deficit Review Commission
Before an analysis of the U.S. trade deficit can be undertaken it is important to look at the definitions and measurements of a "trade deficit."

PPI | Fact Sheet | April 1, 2020
International Capital Flows, Foreign Investment, and Trade
By Jenny Bates
Foreign investment has the potential to bring net benefits to lenders and borrowers in both developing and developed countries. Yet, whether the benefits are realized depends both on the market structures of the countries involved and the existence of international rules and institutions governing capital flows across national borders.

PPI | Fact Sheet | January 6, 2021
Putting the East Asian Experience in Perspective
By Jenny Bates
The Asian crisis should be viewed as a crisis of capital and not as a crisis of capitalism. The countries concerned still need to adopt significant reforms -- particularly in their financial sectors -- before a sustainable economic recovery is possible.

DLC | Briefing | February 1, 2021
The IMF and the Asian Crisis
By Edith R. Wilson
The United States must support the only international financial institution capable of serving as a lender of last resort in the Asian crisis. Throttling the IMF's efforts now would send waves through the financial markets and destabilize not just the progress being made in Asia, but also economies in other areas, particularly Russia and Brazil.

PPI | Backgrounder | January 27, 2021
The Mexico Crisis
By Paula Stern
The United States should provide support for the faltering Mexican economy, but it cannot be viewed as a blank check and it should not be seen as a pretext for opening up other issues.

Admin | Memo | October 28, 2020
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