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The New Economy
Geography of the New Economy
The 2002 State New Economy Index PPI | Policy Report | June 10, 2002 | 
The 2002 State New Economy Index
By Robert D. Atkinson with assistance from Rick Coduri
The structural changes driving the New Economy continue to reshape the 50 state economies. This report uses 21 indicators to benchmark their transformation, and then outlines an innovation-oriented public policy framework aimed at fostering widely shared economic growth.

The Metro New Economy Index PPI | Policy Report | April 19, 2001 | 
The Metropolitan New Economy Index
By Robert D. Atkinson and Paul D. Gottlieb
How the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan regions are adapting to the New Economy -- and what they can do to promote fast, and widely shared economic growth.

The State New Economy Index PPI | Policy Report | July 1, 1999 | 
The State New Economy Index
By Robert D. Atkinson, Randolph Court and Joe Ward
While history partly shapes the hand a state is dealt, public policy determines how that hand is played.... This report provides benchmark state rankings and proposes the path forward for state-level policymakers.

The New Economy Index PPI | Policy Report | November 18, 1998 | 
The New Economy Index
By Robert D. Atkinson and Randolph Court
Many people talk about the emergence of a so-called New Economy. But what's actually new about it? And what does that mean for public policy?

PPI | Policy Report | March 13, 2020
The Best States for E-Commerce
By Robert D. Atkinson and Thomas G. Wilhelm
How state laws, regulations, and administrative actions are supporting -- or hindering -- choices and opportunities for American Internet users.

PPI | Presentation | February 19, 2021
Indianapolis in the New Economy
By Rob Atkinson
A keynote address and slide presentation on "Indianapolis in the New Economy," delivered to the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, February 19, 2002, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PPI | Presentation | October 5, 2020
The New Economy in Hartford and Springfield
By Robert D. Atkinson
Presentation to the Hartford-Springfield Economic Partnership.

PPI | Presentation | October 4, 2020
The New Economy in Tampa Bay
By Robert D. Atkinson
Presentation to the Tampa Bay Partnership.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 12, 2020
Digital Cities: Mapping the Metropolitan New Economy
By Tom Mirga
The Metropolitan New Economy Index is the third in a series by PPI that seeks to benchmark America's transformation from the Industrial Age to the Information Era.

PPI | Backgrounder | January 19, 2021
Urban Economic Prospects in The New Knowledge Economy
By Rob Atkinson
Urban areas can and should pursue high-tech growth. Succeeding in growing, expanding, or attracting high-tech employment will raise standards of living in the region and expand economic opportunity for residents. But doing so will require difficult political choices.

PPI | Presentation | March 14, 2020
The Information Technology (IT) Revolution and the Prospects for Rural Economies
Slide presentation given by PPI Technology & New Economy Project Director Robert D. Atkinson to the Task Force on Rural Economic Development in North Carolina.

DLC | The New Democrat | September 1, 2020
States and the New Economy
By The Editors
The State New Economy Index does not simply supply a statistical snapshot of the race toward the New Economy. It also challenges state officials to rethink their economic development strategies to reflect the very different needs of a very different economy.

The Boston Globe | Editorial | August 5, 2020
The Leader in the New Economy
By John Kerry and Robert Atkinson
Now there is a way to measure the new economy beyond the anecdotes of everyday life. The "State New Economy Index" report, recently released by the Progressive Policy Institute, shows that the "new economy" is more than the latest innovations in information technology and high-flying Internet companies.

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