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Foreign Policy

Letter | March 11, 2020 |
Our National Security Challenge: An Open Letter to Democrats
No political party deserves to gain or hold power if it can not provide basic security. That's why a group of Democratic thinkers and policymakers has addressed an Open Letter to the party. They challenge Democrats to make winning the war against jihadist extremism the party's first priority.

PPI | Key Document | October 30, 2020 |
Progressive Internationalism: A Democratic National Security Strategy
We are confident that a new Democratic strategy, grounded in the party's tradition of muscular internationalism, can keep Americans safer than the Republicans' go-it-alone policy, which has alienated our natural allies and overstretched our resources.

Progressive Internationalism

Using Markets to Fight Disease for Development
By Kevin Croke

United Nations on Trial
By Will Marshall

Our National Security Challenge: An Open Letter to Democrats

Three Big Steps for the United Nations

Off Course
By Will Marshall


Regional Issues

Stay and Win in Iraq
By Will Marshall

Iraq's Coming Democracy
By Daniel L. Byman and Kenneth M. Pollack

Is the West Finished?
By Will Marshall

Blank Spot on the Map: How Trade Policy is Working Against the War on Terror
By Edward Gresser

Idea of the Week: Democracy in Russia


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