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State & Local Playbook

A "menu" of effective, field-tested New Democrat policy proposals from which you can model initiatives in your own states, cities and communities.

  • Introduction by DLC Founder & CEO Al From
  • PDF Version for easier printing [256 pages; approx. 4.5 MB]
    (Does not include Talking Points section,
    which you may print separately.)


Balancing Budgets Responsibly

Budgeting for Outcomes

Targeting Illegal Tax Shelters

Forecasting Fiscal "Rainy Days"

Smart State Procurement

E-Government & E-Commerce

Boosting Broadband

Remove Obstacles to E-Commerce

Affordable E-Government

Helping Government Workers be More Effective

Data-Driven Government Performance

Health Care

Health Courts for Fair and Reliable Justice

Mental Health Care

Health Information Networks to Improve Safety and Reduce Costs

Fighting Chronic Illness

Mainstreaming Low-Income Health Insurance Programs



Redistricting Reform

State Economic Development

Getting Manufacturing Back on Track

Bringing in Foreign Investment to Create Jobs

Supporting Financial Institutions in Underserved Communities

One-Stop Business Permitting

University Venture Funds



Welcome to the DLC State and Local Playbook


Universal Preschool

Reinventing Senior Year of High School

Teacher Induction and Retention

Helping High School Students Meet High Standards

Increasing Efficiency in Public Education Spending


Environment, Energy & Transportation

Ranching's New Departure

Powering Oil Independence on Peanuts

Environmental Justice Enforcement and Compliance Teams

Public-Private Partnerships in Water Management

Public-Private Projects in Transportation


Homeland Security & Crime

Fusion Centers

Community-Based Crime Fighting

Gun Enforcement Through Gunshot Detection Technology

Protecting Seniors Against Crime

A Homeland Security Plan


Social, Family, & Housing Policy

Community-Needs Assessments

Regulating Video Games for Minors

Employee Home Loans in Highly Competitive Fields

Mentoring Foster Children

Paid Family Medical Leave and At-Home Infant Care


DLC Talking Points

New Democrat Credo

The Role of Government

Crime and Public Safety

Digital Government

Educational Accountability


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Governing with Good Ideas

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The DLC offers workshops to help elected officials learn the essentials of the New Democrat governing philosophy; acquire new skills for articulating what they believe; tackle the most important public policy challenges facing their state or local area; and develop tools to effectively communicate their positions on issues.

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