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Political Reform

by Bruce Reed
There's something rotten in Tom DeLay's Washington. Here's how to clean the place up.

by Ed Kilgore
Partisan gerrymandering to protect incumbents is out of control. Politicians are choosing voters, rather than voters choosing politicians. It's time for reform.

The Parties

America Can Do Better
By Al From and Bruce Reed

America in 2020
By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Democrats' Opportunity
By Bernard L. Schwartz

Hope and Pride
By Al From

Restore the Promise
By Tom Vilsack


The Vital Center

Center Party
By Peter Ross Range

The Sensible Center
By Mark Warner

How America Can Win Again
By Al From and Bruce Reed

Revitalized Center
By Artur Davis

Building on Clintonism
By Al From



A Bipartisan Call For A Clear Iraq Strategy

Republican Budget Follies

The "Nuclear Option": Extremism in the Defense of Partisan Power

PAYGO, Or No Go, On the Budget

A Bright IDEA


Campaign Finance

The Devil's Advocates Regroup on Campaign Reform

Whose Side Is the President On At "Armageddon?"

Campaign Finance Reform: Now and Later

Breaking the Deadlock On Campaign Reform

Campaign Reform Postmortem
By Curtis Gans


America by the Numbers

America by the Numbers: Comparing the Presidents' Economic Records
By Al From

America by the Numbers: Trust on Two Key Issues Central to Presidential Elections
By Al From

America by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Trust in Government
By Al From

America by the Numbers: How Tariffs Hurt the Working Poor
By Al From

America by the Numbers: There's More Trust in Government, Not Hunger For Big Government
By Al From


Raging News

Idea of the Week: Respecting Science

Election 2005: The Shape of Things To Come?

Idea of the Week: Redistricting Reform

Bush Chooses To Divide

Back to Work
By Bruce Reed


Issues for 2004

By Mark Gersh

Battlefield Erosion
By Mark Gersh

Ending Our Losing Ways
By Bruce Reed

The Choice Reframed

Bush's Failed Presidency
By Al From and Bruce Reed


Interest Groups

Idea of the Week: Taking Suburbs Seriously

Older, Wiser Leftists
By Peter Ross Range

Moral Superiority
By Fred Siegel

Another Setback For Anti-Tax Zealots in Virginia

Orwellian Parody
By Fred Siegel



Winning the Gun Vote
By Mark J. Penn & Peter Brodnitz

The Democratic Party and the 2004 Election
By Mark J. Penn

...But Only With the Right Agenda
By Mark J. Penn

Presentations by Al From and Mark Penn to the 2002 National Conversation

Hispanic America 2002
By Sergio Bendixen


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Where We Stand:

New Democrats believe we need a new politics for the Information Age, focused on organizing public resources to give families and communities the tools they need to solve their own problems. New Democrats believe good government is the best politics.

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