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National Defense & Homeland Security

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 23, 2020 |
Valuing Patriotism
American voters know that 9/11 put national security back at the center of politics. Democrats should unify behind a new progressive patriotism.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 16, 2020 |
Our National Security Challenge: An Open Letter to Democrats
No political party deserves to gain or hold power if it can not provide basic security. That's why a group of Democratic thinkers and policymakers has addressed an Open Letter to the party. They challenge Democrats to make winning the war against jihadist extremism the party's first priority.

The War Against Terrorism

A Bipartisan Call For A Clear Iraq Strategy

A Smarter Fight
By Will Marshall

Barbaric Ideas
By Tony Blair

National Security, Plus
By Tim Roemer

No Equivalence


Military Transformation

Idea of the Week: Military Base Realignment

Distorting the Record
By Steven J. Nider

Stressed Out
By Steven J. Nider

Move Toward Real, Not Just Rhetorical, Transformation
By Steven Nider

Clinton's Military Legacy
By Steven J. Nider


Emerging Threats

Nukes Still Loose

Idea of the Week: Fighting Nuclear Terrorism

The Not-So-Loose Nukes

Nuclear Terrorism
By Graham Allison

Are the Germans Really Anti-American, or Just Anti-Bush?
By Peter Ross Range



Transportation Security: Lots of Pain, Too Little Gain

Homeland Failure
By Shane Ham

Unprepared and Mad as Hell
By Harry Siegel

America at Risk: A Homeland Security Report Card

A Failure to Communicate
By Joshua Micah Marshall


Technology & Innovation

Technological Innovation Without Big Brother
By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson

Can the Use of Factual Data Analysis Strengthen National Security?
By John D. Cohen

A Home Front To-Do List
By Jose Cerda III

Integrating Emergency Response Systems
By Sen. Tom Carper

Security Begins at Home


Progressive Internationalism

Our National Security Challenge: An Open Letter to Democrats

Closing the National Security Gap
By Will Marshall

Let's Get Serious About Democracy in the Greater Middle East
By Ronald D. Asmus and Michael McFaul

A Squandered Opportunity
By Martin Indyk

The National Security Case Against George W. Bush
By Will Marshall


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