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Work, Family & Community

Blueprint Magazine | July 23, 2020 |
Childhood For Sale
by Michele Stockwell
Consumer culture is pervasive and invasive. It is targeting kids in surprising and troubling ways -- with harmful consequences.

Blueprint Magazine | July 23, 2020 |
Shrinking Underclass
by Will Marshall
Following dramatic declines in the welfare rolls, there's more good news on the anti-poverty front: The urban underclass seems to be breaking up.

Blueprint | May 31, 2020 |
Close the Parent Gap
by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead
Dems are losing married parents in droves. The party won't win them back until it takes their side in the fight against corrosive popular culture.

Making Work Pay

Back to Work
By Bruce Reed

Poverty is Back
By Traci Gleason

Poverty and Public Opinion: 10 Lessons for Progressives
By Tom Freedman

New York Rebels Against Work-Based Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform That Works


Building Community Wealth

Shrinking Underclass
By Will Marshall

Building a Real Investor Class
By Gene Sperling

HomeSAFE Home
By David Billings

Bush on the Working Poor: "Let 'Em Hire Accountants"

Dividend Proposal Would Hit Affordable Housing
By Anne Kim


Strengthening Families

Controlling the Remote
By David L. Cohen and Joe Waz

Childhood for Sale: Consumer Culture's Bid for Our Kids
By Michele Stockwell

National Conversation Panel Discussion: Progressive Family Values

Childhood For Sale
By Michele Stockwell

Close the Parent Gap
By Barbara Dafoe Whitehead


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Where We Stand On Work, Family & Community Issues:

New Democrats believe government should promote two-parent families and parental responsibility, family-friendly workplace policies, tools for helping parents control their kids' exposure to media violence and sex, and resources for helping working families lift themselves out of poverty.

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