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PPI | Policy Report | October 4, 2020 |
Capital Campaign
By Sara Mead
The District of Columbia's charter movement is one of the nation's largest and most significant, yet it still faces challenges that policymakers and educators must address in order to fulfill their promise and truly become a national model of exemplary charter schooling.

PPI | Policy Report | April 19, 2020 |
Lifting Teacher Performance
By Andrew Leigh and Sara Mead
Research increasingly demonstrates what common sense has long made apparent to educators and parents: Teacher quality matters -- a lot.

PPI | Front & Center | February 28, 2020 |
Five Steps to Reform Student Financial Aid
By Art Hauptman
Now is the chance for the president and Congress to address the substantial problems with the student aid system that limit its effectiveness in meeting the goal of expanding postsecondary educational opportunities for a broad range of Americans.

Teacher Quality

Finding the Teachers We Need
By Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham, and Kate Walsh

Lifting Teacher Performance
By Andrew Leigh and Sara Mead

Grading Teachers
By Andrew Rotherham

Teacher Incentives
By Sen. Tom Carper

Opportunity and Responsibility for National Board Certified Teachers
By Andrew J. Rotherham


Federal Education Policy

Five Steps to Reform Student Financial Aid
By Art Hauptman

No Pundit Left Behind
By Andrew Rotherham

Fumbling Education Reform

Straight Talk on Student Loans
By Robert Shireman

Finishing Education Reform
By Andrew J. Rotherham


Standards & Accountability

When More Isn't Better
By Dr. Paul Kimmelman

Still Separate, Still Unequal

An Educational Mission That Must Not Fail

The Promise of Value-Added Testing
By Jonathan Crane

Education Reform in England


Innovative Strategies

The Meaning of Strength
By Tom Carper

Schooling's Crumbling Infrastructure: Addressing a Serious and Underappreciated Problem
By Sara Mead

Putting the World into Our Classrooms: A New Vision for 21st Century Education
By Michael H. Levine

College Bound
By Peter Plastrik and Doug Ross

The 90 Percent Solution
By Al From


Public School Choice & Charters

D.C.'s Charter Experiment: Mixed Grades, Great Promise

Capital Campaign
By Sara Mead

Chasing the Blues Away: Charter Schools Scale Up in Chicago
By Robin J. Lake and Lydia Rainey

Texas Roundup: Charter Schooling in the Lone Star State
By Nelson Smith

A Tough Nut to Crack in Ohio: Charter Schooling in the Buckeye State
By Alexander Russo


Special Education

A Bright IDEA

Think Twice: Special Education Vouchers Are Not All Right
By Andrew J. Rotherham and Sara Mead

The Politics of IDEA Funding
By Andrew J. Rotherham

PPI Co-Sponsors Study of Parent Attitudes toward Special Education Programs

Ensuring High Quality Education for Students with Special Needs
By Andrew J. Rotherham


Early Childhood

Universal Preschool
By Sen. Tom Carper

Idea of the Week: A National Pre-K Strategy

Open the Preschool Door, Close the Preparation Gap
By Sara Mead

Idea of the Week: Pre-K for a Smart Start

Universal Preschool: Kids Need an Early Start
By Isabel Sawhill


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Where We Stand on Education:

New Democrats support efforts to radically overhaul the industrial-era, factory model of American public education into a new system premised on public school choice, high standards, and accountability, with policies that promote teacher quality, charter schools, and performance-based federal education funding.

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