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The New Democrat movement includes a diverse network of elected leaders from around the country. The views expressed in this section of New Democrats Online do not necessarily represent those of the Democratic Leadership Council.
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DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
America in 2020
By Hillary Rodham Clinton
The chair of the DLC's American Dream Initiative has an optimistic vision of the not-too-distant future.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
Ideology of Contempt
By Tom Vilsack
The devastation and human tragedy of Hurricane Katrina provides a painful but necessary opportunity for us all to rethink our attitude toward our own public institutions and those who serve in them.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
Restore the Promise
By Tom Vilsack
Bush has undermined our sense of purpose. By thinking anew, Democrats can make America Stronger.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
The Meaning of Strength
By Evan Bayh
Democrats must show they can defend the country in dangerous times.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
The Meaning of Strength
By Tom Carper
Quality education is the key to a strong economy and a just society.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine October 21, 2020
The Sensible Center
By Mark Warner
A red-state Democratic governor explains how Democrats can win again with a positive agenda for the future.

The News Journal | Article October 15, 2020
Call Goes Out to Help Poor This Winter
By Patrick Jackson
State Treasurer Jack Markell has called on lawmakers to help Delaware's low-income families battle high heating costs this winter.

DLC | Statement September 15, 2020
Statement of DLC Chairman Gov. Tom Vilsack
Hurricane Katrina, by calling forth our national community's best values of solidarity and shared sacrifice, should inspire us to demand a government attuned to those same values.

Office of Sen. Hillary Clinton | Press Release September 6, 2020
Clinton Unveils Legislation to Restore FEMA to Independent, Cabinet-Level Status
On the heels of her visit with victims of Hurricane Katrina in Houston yesterday, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is introducing legislation today to restore FEMA to Cabinet-level, independent federal agency status to ensure that it has the authority it needs to effectively manage recovery efforts for future national crises.

Speech July 25, 2020
Remarks of Mark Warner to the 2005 DLC National Conversation
You know, Americans are ready to step up and meet these challenges. And you know, it's always been Democrats -- Democrats -- who have always been able to see a little bit farther down that road. The time is right for us to lead again.

Speech July 25, 2020
Remarks of Sen. Evan Bayh to the 2005 DLC National Conversation
This is a great country and the future before us can be very bright, brighter still, but nothing on this earth is inevitable. It is up to us to envision our own destiny and to make it so.

The News Journal | Editorial July 20, 2020
Delaware Competes Against Whole World
By Jack Markell
The sale of MBNA to Bank of America should serve as a wake-up call to all Delawareans. Our nation's economic situation, spurred by worldwide changes, is evolving rapidly and markedly. We need to understand and anticipate these changes and prepare accordingly.

DLC | Blueprint Magazine May 31, 2020
Factory Revival
By Sen. Tom Carper
American workers -- factory workers in particular -- are clearly under extraordinary stress in today's global economy. The federal government needs to respond with better policies, but in the interim, states can pick up at least some of the federal government's slack.

The News Journal | Article April 15, 2020
Urban League taps Markell
By Beth Miller and Patrick Jackson
By a 27-0 vote, state treasurer Jack Markell was chosen Thursday to become the next chairman of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League's board of directors, the league said.

Speech March 15, 2020
At the Tipping Point: Democratization in the Middle East
By Senator Joseph Biden
"I believe we are literally at the hinge of history. I believe that our military power is necessary, but not sufficient, to change the world. It will be our ideas and our ideals -- the things we value, the things we stand for, the same things that brought the Berlin Wall down -- that will nudge the world toward more freedom and democracy."

Office of State Treasurer Jack Markell | Press Release March 9, 2020
Program To Pay For National Guard Life Insurance
By Jack Markell
Governor Ruth Ann Minner and State Treasurer Jack Markell, together with state Representative Pete Schwartzkopf and Insurance Commissioner Matt Denn, Wednesday unveiled a proposal for the state to reimburse life insurance premiums for Delaware National Guard members on active duty.

Office of County Executive Aaron Reardon | Speech March 9, 2020
Snohomish County: State of the County Address
By Aaron Reardon
"We are well positioned not because the national or regional economy has made us stronger; we are here because we made the difficult but necessary decisions in 2004 to get our County back on track and moving in the right direction."

Office of Mayor Bart Peterson | Speech March 2, 2020
Indianapolis: State of the City Address
By Bart Peterson
"...That's what the charter school movement is all about. Giving extraordinary people the freedom to pursue their vision for new ways to educate our children. Providing the conditions for leadership and creativity to flourish. Whether it is in business, science, government or education, stifling bureaucracy and excessive centralized control will crush innovation."

Office of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick | Speech February 24, 2021
Detroit: State ot the City Address
By Kwame Kilpatrick
"By strengthening public safety, by lifting up our children and families, by cleaning up our neighborhoods, we have been laying the foundation for the Growth of our economy and the creation of jobs."

Office of Mayor Michael Coleman | Speech February 24, 2021
Columbus: State of the City Address
By Michael Coleman
"While we work to build safer neighborhoods, we must also continue to invest in them to secure our economic future. For the past five years we've worked very hard to take blighted or abandoned areas, and bring them new life as job centers. Tonight, I am proud to announce that once again we're leading the way with development that will bring new jobs to Columbus."

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