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DLC Event | Press Release | October 25, 2020
The Democratic Alternative: Restoring Fiscal Responsibility
DLC Chair Gov. Tom Vilsack Hosts Forum on Progressive Solutions to National Budget Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) hosted a forum to offer progressive solutions to clean up the fiscal mess in Washington and restore fiscal responsibility through federal budget reforms, cutting unnecessary spending, reducing waste, and reforming the tax code in ways that provide greater opportunity for middle class American families.

The forum, held on Tuesday, October 25, featured Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, and Sen. Tom Carper (Del.), Gene Sperling, Al From, Maya MacGuineas, and Paul Weinstein Jr. Participants addressed the critical reforms Democrats must demand in order to put America back on the right track towards fiscal health.

Transcripts from the Event

Click here to view the transcipt (PDF file).

Press Coverage

Will Anyone Pay the Bills?
By David S. Broder, The Washington Post
"... What has been harder to discern is what the opposition Democrats would actually do to remedy the situation that may well confront them if their party comes back to power in the 2008 election. The other day, the thinking branch of the opposition -- centered these days in the Democratic Leadership Council and its allied organizations -- offered at least the start of a response."

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Cuts That Heal
By DLC Chairman Gov. Tom Vilsack
There are spending cuts that can generate billions in savings, without reducing vital public services and investments.

Republican Budget Follies
New Dem Dispatch, October 20, 2005
While Democrats are rightly deploring the whole Congressional budget resolution mess, that's not enough: They should show clearly what they would do with the power of the purse.

Photos from the Event

DLC Chair Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and DLC Founder and CEO Al From listen to the presentation made by Gene Sperling at the event.

Sen. Tom Carper talked about the lack of fiscal discipline in the Bush administration.

Audio clips from the Event

From.mp3 (1:07)
Al From warns that our "dollars must be used wisely" in light of the budgetary obstacles facing our country today.

Vilsack1.mp3 (:37)
Gov. Tom Vilsack says that our budgetary decisions "reflect our values."

Sperling1.mp3 (:37)
Gene Sperling describes the Bush administration's "M&M; Strategy," when it comes to adding to the deficit.

More audio coming soon.

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