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DLC/PPI | Overview | January 1, 2021
About Our Publications

Publications from the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) are available, free, on our respective Web sites: and

We invite you to link to, download, print, reproduce, and distribute (but not sell) anything you wish. We only ask that in all cases you properly credit and attribute the material to its author(s), and to the DLC or PPI, as appropriate.

Among the publications you will find here are all of the DLC's seminal framing documents for the New Democrat movement; the entire catalogue of PPI's policy backgrounders, briefings and reports, from 1989 to present; the DLC's entire "Idea of the Week" series; complete archives of the New Dem Daily/Dispatch; every edition of the policy journal Blueprint: Ideas for a New Century, and the 1995-2000 archives of The New Democrat magazine.

Among the few publications you will not find are the Progressive Policy Institute's two books: Building the Bridge: 10 Big Ideas to Transform America (Will Marshall, Chuck Alston, and Tom Mirga, eds.; Rowman & Littlefield, 1997), which is available on; and Mandate For Change (Will Marshall and Martin Schram, eds.; The Berkeley Publishing Group, 1993), which is now out of stock and hard to come by.

How to Find Things on This Site:

  • Everything is sorted into issue areas (and often cross-referenced into multiple areas), which you will always be able to browse using the links on the left side of every page on both sites.
  • Use the search engine near the top of every page to search for material by keyword(s) or phrase(s). (Click "Search Tips" under the search engine window to find out how to get the best results.)
  • Use the tabs in the very top right-hand corner of any page to toggle back and forth between the DLC's site ( and PPI's site (

We hope you will have an easy time finding everything that interests you. But if there is something in particular that you know should be here but you cannot seem to find, you may contact us.

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