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DLC | Letter | July 15, 2020
Welcome to the DLC State and Local Playbook

Welcome to the DLC State and Local Playbook for New Democrat legislators and policymakers. This 2005 version is the fifth edition, once again updated and improved with 109 total entries, including 14 completely new ones.

For years, in its work around the nation, the Democratic Leadership Council has brought leaders together to help them share ideas and improve their communities. This Playbook is a prime example. We've gone straight to the big challenges facing our nation and sought out the very best public policy solutions that are actually working to address those issues. They are transformative, fresh initiatives and bold reforms, proven and successful on the state and local levels. Think of this as a menu of field-tested policy innovations, pioneered by fellow New Democrats from around the country.

To use the Playbook, simply flip through the general issues tabs (Budget; Education; E-Government & E-Commerce; Environment, Energy, & Transportation; Health Care; Homeland Security & Crime; Politics; Social, Family, & Housing Policy and State Economic Development). In each section, you'll find individual "Plays" that include a description of a problem and a short summary of an innovative New Democrat-style solution. You'll also find links to further background material and contact information for people with expertise in the area, so you can ask for advice on how to make the policy idea work in your state or local community. And this entire Playbook is also available on the Web at where you can view each play individually or download the entire book.

There are thousands of New Democrats in cities and towns across the nation, each with unique experiences and innovative ideas to solve problems. Please share them. To email us your comments, simply click "Contact Us" on the bottom of any page. Your feedback will help us create a diverse and dynamic exchange of ideas. Plus, it will help us draw publicity to your accomplishments, shoring up public support for our approach to policy innovation.

I look forward to your continued involvement. Together, New Democrat ideas and leaders are changing America.

Al From
Founder & CEO

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