Saturday, November 28

Will Trump Be ‘Gracious In Defeat’ IF EVER He Loses In The Presidential Race?

The election season is here! We encourage each one of you to exercise your right to vote as your way to help the country to have a better and brighter future. As of the latest pre-election surveys and projections, the presidential race remains very tight between the Republican bet and incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the Democrat bet and former Vice President Joe Biden. A lot of things can still happen in the coming days, and each of these two have a good chance of winning the election.

In the event that President Trump succeeds in his re-election bid this year, we already have some kind of a vision of what will happen in the land of America, as he already got the chance to govern the nation for 4 years. We already saw what Trump is capable of doing, and how his government responds to real and important issues of the American people.

However, we may not have a good picture yet of Trump LOSING in the election. Based on his actions and behavior of bullying, as the most powerful man in the White House, we can only imagine how he could “graciously accept” defeat in the hands of his rival, Biden. Unfortunately, things may not go as easy for the rest of American if these speculations do happen.

Trump Claiming A Rigged Poll Process; Calls For A Failure Of Election

The election this year is very different from the past ones, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Voters are prevented from going to crowded poll precints due to the risk of starting a wave of coronavirus infection. Thus, it was decided by the election committee to allow voters to submit their ballots via mail. However, Trump expressed his sentiment towards this kind of election process, saying that this would allow entities with vile intentions to manipulate the result. Upon being proven that this kind of election method is safe from vote manipulation, adding the fact that the country was able to have election via mail in the past successfully, there is no reason for the election to be postponed.

Now, if Trump loses, he is likely to bring up once again the issue of election manipulation due to the way the voting was conducted. We all know that Trump is only used to moments where he wins, and he will use any probable reason to contest the result of the election. He might even visit to find proof.

Whether his camp finds only circumstantial evidence to prove that the election was rigged, Trump would likely do everything as the incumbent president to question the validity of the election, and he might even call for a failure of election. If this happens, we might just see a little bit more of Trump in the first few months of 2021.