Friday, December 4

Why Some People Complain About ‘Too Much Politics’ In Social Media

There is just so much going on in our lives that browsing the social media has become our little outlet to let out all the stress and troubles. Thanks to our fellow social media users, we find entertaining contents online that make us laugh and forget our problems even just for a few minutes. However, the social media has transformed over the past couple of years. It is not only an avenue for us to have fun and enjoy the beauty of life. Now, social media has also become a platform for people to express their grievances and protest against what they think is wrong and unjust.

While voicing out our opinions about the latest political affairs and other timely issues that concern us, some people express their discomfort when they see too much of this kind of posts in the social media. For them, social media should go back to what was supposed to be, which is to bring us our daily dose of entertainment. They complain that others have already become too political, and that things should not be taken so seriously.

Two questions now arise from this kind of reasoning from these people: has social media really become too political? And if it has, is that something that we should be complaining?

‘Let People Enjoy Things And Set Aside Politics In Social Media’

People enjoy using the social media so much that they create various posts and share contents everyday. Unfortunately for them, not everyone who can view their posts will be fond of every bit that they share. Perhaps you have already witness heated discussions in social media due to a seemingly problematic post. Some people may find a post offensive, and as a person who is just there to enjoy the moment, he or she might accuse them of being too political. Well, before we make such accusations, we should carefully analyze where the complaints are coming from.

There are many things that we can laught at, but there are certain ones that should be treated differently. When someone makes a joke about gender or color, you should not expect that everyone will not take the punchline seriously.

Of course, if the one-liner is directed against a group that you belong in, or is made to be misleading, it is normal for anyone to speak up. The sad thing is that we often downplay their feelings because, as what was already mentioned, we are in the social media only to “have fun” and “enjoy the moment.” Truth be told, social media is now a lot more than being a source of entertainment. It is now also a tool for us to make things right and change whatever backward reasoning that is left in the modern century.

Try To Be More Considerate And Less Insensitive

It is true that we should take a break and have fun once in a while, but that does not mean that life is all fun and games. There are actual issues in the society that we should take seriously. Just like when you are trying to build your own house, you should be serious in checking all the construction requirements. Thus, you should take a look at the best contractors in town like fort worth roofer.

The best way to lessen the risk of making insensitive posts is to make ourselves informed. There is nothing wrong with talking about politics because whether we like it or not, politics do affect our way of living. You start your learning as early as now by reading about the meaning, nature, and scope of political science.