Monday, October 19

Why Politicians Need Bürostuhl

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Politicians are very busy creatures because there are obviously a lot to deal with in the political world, they must, of course prove to their people that their they voted for the right candidate. Hence, if you will ask those who work for the government why do politicians sleep in presidential suite when they are on trip, then the answer to that most likely is that not only they are treated with respect but at the same time to feel more comfortable. It is just like when they are in their office, almost all politicians have bürostuhl or an executive chair. If you will notice, not only politicians have executive chair, even those who have high positions in companies. Working for long hours require a comfortable space and position which is why there are high quality office chairs.

Because they always have a lot of work to do trying to make a better country, we should care about politics and government. Below are some reasons:

  1. Politics and government impacts every aspect of our lives- whether we like it or not government play a huge role in our daily lives, ranging from the amount of tax we pay every time we go grocery shopping, drink our morning coffee, to the types of light bulbs we are gonna purchase. Given that we already know government has a huge impact in our lives, it is important to understand the process and system in politics.


  1. Being aware on the current political events and happenings make you a smart and informed voter– there are some countries, like America, where citizens do not vote. In fact, there is an article that shows polls received record voter result during the year 2016 and results showed that the total only amounted 58% if eligible voters.
  2. Politics is actually entertaining- by entertaining, I mean not movies or video games like entertaining, but because in politics there are a lot of unexpected happening, opposing views, etc. Thus,sometimes we find it exciting.

There are many reasons why we should understand politics and how the politicians work and do their jobs in order for us to further understand small and big issues and at the same time for us to answer ourselves our questions.