Monday, October 19

What does these Words Exactly Mean?

It happened so quick that self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine became a buzzword. It has even used as hashtags by millions of social media followers worldwide. While these three are widely used, some are confusingly and mistakenly using them interchangeably which is wrong. These three words have completely different meaning and it is your job to learn about it.

Social distancing

This is where the 6ft of space rules takes place. This deliberately means to create a physical space between yourself and the people around you to spread or catch a disease just like Covid-19. Social distancing is basically the first line of defense in fighting the disease which is also why concerts, sporting events and all other social gatherings have been postponed or cancelled. Because in such venues, maintaining a 6ft distance from the next person is impossible. Thus, the cancellation of such event to protect public health.

Stay-at-home order

With a stay-at-home order, this necessitates that people in a household should go out only if it is necessary like buying essentials similar to medical supplies, food and so forth. Most offices and retail stores would be closed until this order has been lifted.

Essential businesses will likely remain operational which include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Banks
  • Hardware stores
  • Post offices
  • Essential transportation
  • Hardware stores
  • Senior care facilities
  • Media outlets and;
  • Farming operations

On the other hand, everyone else who has no business of being outside should remain homebound and follow stay-at-home order. Of course, all this while still practicing social distancing at all cost.


For those who might have unconsciously exposed themselves or at risk of a disease like Covid-19, performing a self-quarantine of 14 days is strongly recommended.

This may include those who traveled recently, made contact to someone who is infected or those who perhaps were a bit resistant to the notion of social distancing.


Isolation acts as the same purpose as quarantine however, this is reserved for those who are sick already and made to keep infected individuals away from those who are not. Isolation is the best course of action for those whose test results came back positive for Covid-19 or showing signs and symptoms of the disease but has not been tested yet.

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