Friday, December 4

Trump on National TV Saying Hate Has No Place in America! Is “Fake News!”

Trump coming out with a statement, condemning racism and white supremacy after the El Paso Mass Shooting incident, was something unheard of before. Obviously, Trump was merely reading a teleprompter composed by White House advisors and staff. Just so Donald Trump has something appropriate to say about the deplorable crime committed by the El Paso gunman.

The press coverage is for real but the message delivered by Trump was “fake news.”

After all, his real intent was to take away the general perception that his unrelenting “hate” speeches against the massive influx of Latin American immigrants, had influenced the El Paso shooter. Time and again, Trump delivered speeches that gave emphasis to “invasions,” whilst referring to immigrants whom he describes in general, as made up mostly of criminals.

Even Trump’s white supremacist supporters will not believe there is any sincerity to his words of condemnation against racism, white supremacy and bigotry; nor will they find it easy to believe that Trump of all people, follows the American anti-racism creed that “hate has no place in America.”

They themselves can easily dismiss the White House Trump press conference as “fake news.” That or take it as Trump’s show of true color that he is only using them as a means for advancing his career to a 2-term presidency.

The El Paso Mass Shooting was Clearly Inspired by Trump’s Invasion Claims


Survivors and witnesses recall that the gunman allowed white Americans and African Americans to leave, singling out Hispanics from among the mixed crowd, only to kill 22 of them in cold blood.

This information only provided proof of the gunman’s intent to annihilate Hispanics or Latinx as indicated by his manifesto about moving against “Hispanic invasion.” The gunman’s state of mind was obviously pumped up by Trump’s continuous calls for supporters not to allow immigrants to invade the country.

“Shoot them!” are words that can easily come out of a Trump rally as soon as he mentions something about immigrants arriving en masse at the border. During his Florida rally, someone in the crowd yelled “Shoot them!” when he asked how the agents at the border can stop immigrants from arriving.

If his views really included “hate not having a place in America,” he would have said that immediately after the “Shoot them” yell. But not Trump, because he obviously found it amusing, and said it is only in the Panhandle that a person can get away with that kind of statement.

Regardless of where or what Trump thinks of Florida’s Panhandle, stating that a person can get away with that statement is still not a reaction coming from who will later say “there is no place for hate in America.”