Sunday, October 18

TikTok Contents that Are Politically Inclined

On 2017, TikTok app gained its popularity exponentially. The Gen Z makes about 60% of the app’s 500 million users per month and getting views on Techicy guide. With this, the Gen X, millennials, and the boomers should expect that the most contents revolve on humorous memes and entertaining dance challenges, but it is not actually it. Aside from the rich and their political influence, the young ones also have greater impact on political views now. One example of this is when the teenager activist move had dominated the headlines.

It was Greta Thunberg and the school strike out due to small facet. Due to this, it seems that TikTok users are going to be more inventive in utilizing the app especially during times when social injustices and the spread of political messages are being highlighted. There is also this US-based teenager named Feroza Aziz who was temporarily blocked from TikTok due to her viral video accusing China in placing Muslims into concentration camps.    

TikTok Content with Political Concept

Here are some examples of TikTok content focusing on political concept:

  • Dark Humor emphasizing the immediate need for gun control

Youngsters have putting the pressure against the politicians by stressing for stricter gun legislation via strikes and creative activism. Check out the #NeverAgain movement that took their rebellious act in the wake of the Parkland mass shooting. This shows the students’ action on how they take this kind of matters into their hands.

  • Getting attention about government abuse

Even being popular, TikTok also got its share of criticism.

TikTok was also urged to have an apology due the removal of video from the teenager named Feroza Aziz who had seen criticizing China against its treatment of Uighur Muslims. From a beauty video tutorial, the content suddenly changed its subject and encouraged the viewers to search for the happening in China. Aziz continued to discuss how these Muslims were being put into the concentration camps by the Chinese government.

  • Still using the dark humor on colonization

App users are also taking the opportunity to use TikTok to spread news about historical injustices. Sharoon Bi, for example, shared a video about Europe’s colonization of Africa. The video clip focuses on how the French, British, Spanish, and Portuguese settlers invaded the African nation in 1400s. This video content garnered around 500,000 likes.