Tuesday, November 24

The Internet And Social Media – Tools For Political Campaign

Phone systems such as sip trunking, blockchain, AI and machine learning, these are a few example of what technology is today. Technology is ubiquitous and in the political environment, it has essentially changed the usual ways of campaigning. Social media platforms as well as targeted advertisements have taken the place of traditional campaign tactics. Technology could also present the political campaign process with very great efficiency and cost savings. This is directly witnessed by individuals who participate or are involved in the campaign process. For instance, many are able to communicate with a great number of prospective voters by merely utilizing a phone and a certain software program. This is without printed scripts, call logs, or door-to-door campaigns.

The Internet and Social Media Platforms

As technology carries on to progress and become more refined as well as available and accessible to all, political candidates both in the local and national campaigns are also now utilizing technological tools for their political campaigns. One powerful campaign tool that is of great value is the internet since this also directs to the growing political significance of the Net Generation. The term Net Generation are titled for voters ages 18 to 27. They are those who grew up with cellphones, instant messaging, email accounts and Google. Their world is principally intertwined with technology, and they look forward to campaign communications to be the same.

Up to the present time, the internet and social media are widely used tool for political campaigns and communications because of its many advantages. Below are a few recommendations to better your political campaign engagements.

Be familiar with the niche of the platform or network.

This is more of identifying and understanding the proper network or platform as well as its users. On the Facebook platform for instance could mean a lot of different matters or things determined by audience or brand. For Twitter, this would mean being capable of writing a brief yet substantial content or message that would generate and draw in the interest of audience to obtain clicks.

Make enquiries or ask questions.

People, whether politically active or not, would want their representatives to be someone who listens to what they have to voice out. Regardless if it is a brand, a person, or a political campaign, questions engage your audience. Get to know the people and learn from them.

Recognize, acknowledge and learn from your supporters.

For instance, your political campaign hopes to increase educational funds. Recognize and acknowledge your supporters by probably asking them for posters, drawings or messages from children and share them in media platform. Remember that the internet and social media itself is not a one-way street.