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Communicating politics in the age of populism & fake news

The rise of populists and the mixing of fact and fiction through fake news are not only changing the political process in a certain country but also societies themselves. What is fake news? Fake news, messages that intentionally spread false content to mislead others, is not a new phenomenon. The same applies to populism, which is characterized by the appeal to “common sense”, the dichotomy between the “pure people” and the “corrupt elite”, anti-elitism, hostility to institutions, moralization, polarization and personalization of politics. The challenges of populism and fake news for policy communication Political problems both internally and externally are becoming more complex. The desire for simplification and explanation as well. The c...

Guide to Creating a Website for Politicians

Want to produce a site for your campaign, but wondering where to begin? These days, the hub for each political organization is your campaign site. Now, organizations and all candidates have adopted the net. It plays with a role in shaping the remarks of voters and is an important source of gifts. A campaign site is a hub of the company's presence or a political candidate. Its reliable location whereby to process donations and donations and functions as a principal. It gives an overall branding encounter and functions as a content publishing center. Maybe you are constructing a site to accumulate gifts. It is one of those things when beginning an effort, that you wish to do. It functions as a fundraising tool, also is not hard to navigate. Together with an approach, it may make the diffe...

Politicians’ Modern Way of Reaching People

Marketing is not confined to promoting or selling a service or product. These days, the universe uses the ability of promotion to obtain an edge against their competitors. Politicking since it's been coined, or political advertising, is a global practice that affects a candidate to be chosen by the people. Entrepreneurs emphasize a product or service things like in the case of a business renting out sound systems or lighting hire Melbourne, it places someone at a place. It will help make the people fulfill the demands that are political and let them make their trust. It is a medium for knowing exactly what the people need the parties to act upon or to endure. It puts them preventing problems and risks that may ruin their candidacy picture. With exploring, a marketer will have the abi...