Saturday, December 5

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Politics: Attending a Coffee Meeting with a Denier

Forum for Science Still refreshing when the bat is thrown into the henhouse in a debate. "How much science has been enough?" someone from the audience asks during the Forum for Science. A striking question, because it is about how science can regain its status in society. A small group of mostly young people came to the discussion in the central hall. The debate has been heralded as the advance to Saturday's March for Science. The organization wants to discuss three things: the biggest threats to science, the value of science, and how science can tackle the biggest threats. Penetrating Politicians In the hour-and-a-half conversation, science philosopher Hans Radder takes up the humanities and fundamental research tells climate researcher Harry Aiking how difficult it can be to get sc...

What Children And Teenagers Think Of Politics And Political Issues

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There are numerous things that both children and adults find exciting and amusing such as video and computer games like agario. On the other hand, there are things as well that may or may not appeal to adults but sooner or later would need to be taught or explained to children, such as politics. In terms of having a talk with your children on matters that have to do with politics, you might think that they would rather prefer to be playing video or computers games, watch cartoons, or chat with their friends. You may, though, be mistaken. Children and Teens are Aware of Politics and Political Issues asked over 2,000 teenagers and children all over the United States regarding their thoughts concerning the presidential elections as well as if it and how it may affect t...