Thursday, November 26

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Will Trump Be ‘Gracious In Defeat’ IF EVER He Loses In The Presidential Race?

Will Trump Be ‘Gracious In Defeat’ IF EVER He Loses In The Presidential Race?

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The election season is here! We encourage each one of you to exercise your right to vote as your way to help the country to have a better and brighter future. As of the latest pre-election surveys and projections, the presidential race remains very tight between the Republican bet and incumbent president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the Democrat bet and former Vice President Joe Biden. A lot of things can still happen in the coming days, and each of these two have a good chance of winning the election. In the event that President Trump succeeds in his re-election bid this year, we already have some kind of a vision of what will happen in the land of America, as he already got the chance to govern the nation for 4 years. We already saw what Trump is capable of doing, and how h...

Donald Trump, Dogless White House

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While many past U.S. Presidents have been noted to have had dogs with them in the white house, this time it's not the case. President Donald Trump must have reasons why the White House is dogless until this time. Who knows he might have dog allergies? We can't prove that though until the President takes a dog allergy testing ( I can't imagine the big White House not having a dog. I don't recall who said it first, yet it's obvious that many concur with this view, "Never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs." Pet lovers believe that a person's attitude toward a dog shows something significant to his personality. In times of political campaigns, the voting public determines who has the qualities, knowledge, and character of a president. A dog psyc...