Monday, October 19

State Gov’s Alliances Highlight Trump’s Leadership Failures

The alliances that ten U.S. governors recently formed ired Trump, as it only highlighted his failure in leading the country as “War President.”


This week, U.S. Governors led by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the northeastern sector and Governor Gavin Newsom in the western sector, announced that they have formed an alliance in preparation for post coronavirus economic plans. The alliance was deemed necessary in light of Trump’s intention to end state lockdowns and to reopen the U.S. economy without presenting a solid basis for making such a decision.

When asked by reporters as to what metrics he is basing the country’s preparedness in resuming economic activities, Trump simply pointed to his forehead and said

“The metrics right here, that’s my metrics.”

That being the case, the governors of California, Oregon and Washington announced a so-called “Western States Pact” to outline the shared approach that the three state leaders will observe in launching plans for reopening the economies under their respective jurisdiction.

In the northeastern region, the governors of Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island and lately Massachusetts formed an alliance with the governor of New York. They all agreed with NY Governor Cuomo’s calls for a regional coordination in establishing a unified working group that will set up measures and guidelines that must be observed uniformly across their states; before allowing members of their workforces to commute between territories once economies reopen.

Obviously, the metrics running in Trump’s head are more or less related to how his administration failed to lead the country in the ongoing crisis. Although Trump finally heeded top health experts’s advices regarding the need to implement a more serious action, he also took actions that only made handling of the health crisis more difficult for governors. In one of the coronavirus briefings he held previously, the POTUS announced that

”The states should not rely on the federal government but instead should work on their own in providing their constituents with ventilators, respirators and other medical equipment needed by those who have been infected in their respective jurisdiction.”

The alliance of the ten U.S. governors of states whose economies are linked, indicated that they have learned from the difficulties dealt by Trump’s leadership. The two groups intend to take preparedness actions based on their assessments of the advice given by health experts and economic advisors, regardless of what economic recovery actions that the federal government under Trump’s leadership, intends to take

A Smack to Trump’s Visions of Being Lauded as a Great War President

As Donald Trump continuously lauded himself and his administration for self-proclaimed successes in handling the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, he also projected himself as the greatest War President in the annals of the country’s history. That is why he regards the formation of the alliances between state governments as a smack to his reputation as U.S. president.

After all, the alliances only magnified the general perception of his ineptness and lack of leadership, which are critical in matters involving plans of resuming economic activities.

The announcement of alliances prompted Trump to initially react with claims of having constitutional authority in enforcing whatever economic decisions he intends to pursue. Yet Trump reversed his stance after 24 hours. Instead of vehemently asserting his presidential authority over all U.S.state governments, Trump officially announced that decisions to reopen state economies will be up to the governors of the nation.