Sunday, October 18

Scooting Between EU Buildings – Good Value For Taxpayers’ Money?

Parliament announced in an email today that it will soon make electric scooters available for free for journeys between EU institution buildings. If you are wondering where the inspiration may have come from, a couple of weeks ago, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council rips through the streets of Paris. Could the sheer exhilaration and cool factor inspire MEPs to do the same?

The idea is interesting but it’s clearly going to cost some money. There had been a trial after two weeks that it had been discussed in EuroNews. They said that 15 scooters will be made available.

Scooting Between EU Buildings – Good Value For Taxpayers’ Money?

The idea is, in fact, a cool idea as the European institutions are not built close to each other. The parliament alone is about 10 to 15 minutes walk. In order to try and get the staff and other politicians to move quickly, easily, and safely between the buildings, the parliament came up with a new scheme and it involves electric scooters.

Is it a good value for the taxpayers? To buy an electric scooter on the people’s money? The answer is divided between a waste in resources and a good idea for the staff to move quicker. A good answer from one of the reporters of Euronews said though that there are other alternatives. Like for instance the use of a bicycle which is far more less expensive compared to electric scooters.

Another respondent said that while electric scooters can actually cut time in traveling between buildings, it is still a good idea to walk. Walking gives you time to think, to stop and reflect on things that are happening in real-time.

Final Thoughts

With everything said, the idea is fun and cool but yes, it can be costly too. The parliament should be looking at other alternatives like bicycles and just taking a quick walk is not really a waste of time.