Wednesday, November 25

Reciprocating the Toll for Road Accidents

It’s a saddening truth to learn that people who die as a result of road accidents are growing in numbers than from malaria, HIV/AIDS, homicide or tuberculosis. What this mean is that, road crashes are something that should be taken seriously regardless of where they are. Basically, there are factors that are putting young people at risk and part of it will be discussed in this article.

Primary Risk Factors

Of course, there are outside elements that do contribute to road traffic injuries especially among youth. As we carry on, you’ll get to know about these factors and have better understanding of the problem.

There was actually a time when the world faces huge problems like:

  • Natural disasters
  • Wars
  • Poverty and;
  • Hunger

Clearly, these issues are scarier and more difficult to handle. So what’s the point of focusing on road safety?

Believe it or not, road traffic injuries are threatening sustainable development, social equity and public health. With these points in mind, it just deserves to the spotlight from the world at large.

Threatening Sustainable Development

Back in 2015 of September, the world has forecasted its plan for global development over the course of fifteen years. These are referred to as Global Goals where it includes for the very first time, two metrics for road safety.

  1. Target 3.6 – by the year 2020, the figures from road traffic accidents and fatality should be halved
  2. Target 11.2 – by 2030, there should be access to affordable, sustainable, safe and accessible transportation system for everyone. This includes improving road safety, more so on expanding public transportation with the special attention to the needs of women, persons with disabilities, older persons and children

Check Road Safety

Believe it or not, there have been a lot of campaigns made by different countries that are part of this endeavor to improve road safety. Even though authorized bodies are exerting serious efforts to make things work, it will still fall on the commuters and motorists on how to make it work. Needless to say, without the initiative to educate themselves about road safety, it’ll render useless. Fortunately, if ever road accident transpires, there’s a commercial towing San Jose we can rely.