Monday, October 19

Privacy Rights Are Threatened For Political Gains

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Privacy – What is it?

Privacy is an essential right, crucial to autonomy as well as the safety of the dignity of people, functioning as the basis at which point numerous other human rights are created and established.

Privacy permits us to build barriers as well as handle boundaries to look after ourselves from undeserved and unwarranted intrusion in our lives, allowing us to confer who we are as well as how we would like to interact and interrelate with our surroundings. Privacy aids us to create perimeters to keep a tight rein on who has access to our things, places, body, personal information as well as our communications.

Threatened Privacy Rights

Although privacy is a right, it seems that it encounters intensifying threats and dangers from an increasing surveillance device and system that is frequently justified and defended for the sake of national security. Many agencies in the government, such as the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as law enforcement agencies, intrude and interfere on innocent citizens’ private communications, collect massive databanks of who and when we contact or communicate with, and record “suspicious and dubious activities” grounded on the standards that are very ambiguous.

It is demanded by the democratic system as well as the Constitution that transparency and accountability the people be given by the government, not the opposite. History has revealed that powerful apparatuses for surveillance which are often kept secret will almost definitely be misused and exploited for political intentions and could be aimed disproportionately on subgroups who are disfavored.