Monday, October 19

The Politics in Business

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For many the subject of politics in the business workplace or office is considered off-limits because of too many opposing opinions that may lead to heated argument. They say you can talk about anything under the sun, just not politics and that other sensitive one, like religion. I tend not to see why reasonable people cannot agree to disagree, but maybe that’s just me. Nevertheless, I think it may surprise many CEOs and business professionals even in small business in to know that they are surrounded by the science of politics everyday when they engage in business. The lessons that politics around the world teach us, are great lessons for business, and even better lessons for leadership ang management in business.

Much was made by Alexis de Tocqueville’s major piece entitled Democracy in America. In the early period of the American Republic, de Tocqueville was a popular foreign thinker who offered his work on what was then the American experiment, an experiment which hopefully changed the world forever. In democratic places, such as the United States, people agreed to be governed, believing to the ideals of enlightenment thinker John Locke. Leaders in democratic regimes depend on an engaged citizen to participate, shouldering some role in the governing responsibility. Someone may say that the role of the citizen is the most important role in a democratic system of government which is true. It is these individual freedoms and individual liberties, exercised by the citizen, which allow the democratic system of government to perpetuate itself.

Thinking about both democratic and authoritarian regimes including the dire circumstances surrounding them throughout history, and even in the present world, how do these ideas connect to business? The answer may be more obvious than you think. Seriously, take a minute and think about your office, your boss, and your company’s corporate philosophy. Think about arguably this t concept first: how are you managed? Does your supervisor motivate you, delegate to you, and encourage you to grow personally and professionally? you should also know if your boss is the control freak one or the more considerate one.