Tuesday, October 20

Politics and Social Media

Communication has drastically change over the past hundred years.

From the telegraph and now we have the Internet. In every facet of life, from the common folk to the oval office i’s now just a click of a button.
Politics has always been a source of debate. Each party or individual have either personal or party goals. They come up with either noble or at times circus ideals. To some of which would entail positive or negative results. Such as the arena we have known since the time of the Romans. It also reflects at our present age.
The current American president uses Twitter to communicate his thoughts. These are instantly shared to millions of people.
Social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were mediums to spread political messages. During the age of print, pamphlets, newspapers and posters were the materials used. It took some time to produce them. Social media, with the click of a button instantly spreads information in seconds.

How Social Media is Shaping Our Political Future | Victoria Bonney |

Addiction to social media is real thus this becomes advantageous for politicians. Politicians and other political groups use this to their advantage. This becomes a platform for information and discussion of any forms of politics. During the past people resorted to the newspaper for information. But as we enter the digital age a big percentage has switched to social media to get the latest news. More and more people use digital sources to gather information. Abandoning the traditional television set and newspaper. Many find it convenient because it is easily accessed and free.
The political media system has gone through an extensive change over the past years. The Internet was a breakthrough especially in communication. Political parties use this as a means to reach out to the people. This strengthened even more because of the Internets interactive features. Politicians and the citizens can easily react to any political issues and events. Many politicians has used social media to gain support. They use this as their primary way to reach out to their constituents. They use this for their campaign and many find it very effective.
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