Tuesday, October 20

Politics and digital communication

The increasing brutality in digital communication forums has an impact on the political climate. Stories of scandal and corruption keep politicians of all stripes in trouble and citizens and taxpayers are regularly faced with brutality and inhumaneness in mass media and social media.

What does society need?

On the other hand, society does not need angry and fault finding citizens, but courageous citizens. Above all, the world needs people who are committed to the development and improvement of society. Because the problems in the world are not solved by scolding “those up there”, but by getting involved. After all, politics is not a “dirty business”, but only as good or as bad as the people involved in it. And even politicians are ultimately only a reflection of the society. If, for example, one follows the increasing brutality in the digital communication forums, one need not be surprised that this also has an impact on the political climate.

Elimination of anonymous publications

It is therefore frightening that more and more citizens seem to have lost all measure of decency and values. How else can it be explained that the willingness to use violence against the police and emergency services is increasing? How is a community supposed to exist in the long term if fundamental rules and values ​​are no longer recognized? Even the verbal lapses in the “social media” and websites such as https://keepv.id/ show that many here apparently think that they are in a lawless area in which everything is allowed. Apparently, many users of these networks forget their good nursery here.

For this reason alone, contributions in discussion forums must no longer be allowed to be published in secret or anonymously. The providers of such kind of platforms would have to ensure that – similar to letters to the editor – at least their email address is stored so that this can be used if legal action has to be done against a “hate speechwriter”.

The social phenomenon should be supported and practiced: the willingness to approach others and to meet them without prejudice. This should be taken to heart by all citizens.