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Politicians Are Receiving Too Much Tanning

While many personalities in politics are busy debating on the new laws and regulations, some others find time to look good by getting some tan. But don’t be fooled. These tans are actually not acquired naturally but through tanning products available in the market. Let’s take a look further into these tanning products and are they safe to use?

Why Is It Questionable? In New Zealand and Australia, the proportion of the world’s best melanomas is questionable. This is a simple solution for anyone looking for a bronze color. You may also check this link for quick access to more info on tanning tablets.

But What Is The Use Of Tanning Drugs? -Are They Safe?

Although the ingredients are different, most emulsions contain much of the carotenoids beta-carotene and canthaxanthin.

What Can Caretenoids Do To Our Body?

Carotenoids are pigments produced in plants and microbes, for example, chemically synthesized using genetically modified birds.

We have eaten natural and synthetic carotenoids. They get yellow, orange and red colors on fruits and vegetables.

Note: It is added to animal feed to deepen the color of fish and egg yolks.

A dermatologist at the University of Sydney and clinical assistant Stephen Schumacher stated that changing the color of carotenoids is not new.

“After their 70s, they have been using it as a tanner for decades,” said Dr. Shumak.

“It is still largely present in the bodybuilding world. “

Carotenoids-medium capacity-good for health. Antioxidant has anti-inflammatory effect.

If the body is too much consumed and can not be used immediately, the excess carotenoids dissolve and accumulate in small areas of the skin’s fat-containing cells.

Thus, after a few weeks laughing can make the skin look yellow-orange if it is beta-carotene or pink and kentaxanthin.

It is the brightest color in the thickest palm and skin bottom and may take several weeks to resolve when carotenoid intake drops to normal levels.

Too Much!

The problem in other politicians is that they can’t resist to take large amounts of carotenoids for several weeks before a clear color change occurs. Long-term use of tanning can be a big problem.

“This product is associated with dangerous side effects such as eye and liver damage,” said Sanchia Aranda, Australian Cancer Committee Chair.

Example: Canthaxanthin can accumulate red and yellow crystals behind the eyes.

After a person stops taking canthaxanthin, the decision will gradually disappear within a few years, but in severe cases it can damage the blood vessels in the retina.

Beta-carotene can also be used excessively.

Despite being an effective antioxidant, beta-carotene supplements are associated with an increased risk of certain cancers.

It is well known that in 1996 the study was discontinued after participants “high lung cancer prevalence and mortality” due to the effects of smokers’ beta-carotene supplementation.

Some Advantages of Carotenoids To Our Body