Friday, November 27

Political Ladder: Does Gender Matter in a Politician’s Climb to Success?

Let’s talk about ladders in politics, and of how some Democratic presidential wannabes seem to have a fast climb up early on in their political career. What is interesting is that they are getting far greater attention at the polls. This is currently the case, despite not having taken the slow, step by step rise to get a shot at the highest political position in the land: president of the United States.

Take the case of Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He is only 37, and relatively unknown compared to other Democratic presidential candidates. When a Rasmussen national telephone and online poll pitched a choice between Trump and Buttigieg, Trump got 44% while Buttigieg had 40%.

Thc result suggests that despite the big leap in advancing his political career, Buttigieg stands a good chance once information about his reputation as an affable candidate spreads further. That or a lot of people are so dissatisfied with the Trump administration, they would choose even a fresh choice like Buttigieg.

In other Rasmussen Reports ranking the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, Pete Buttigieg’s name appears as 4th top favorite, right after Senator Kamala Harris and before Senator Elizabeth Warren. Buttiegieg’s ranking somewhat defied the approach of taking slow steps up the political ladder when matched with the tailend ranking of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Does Gender Matter when Climbing the Ladder of Political Success?

Like Mayor Pete, Senator Gillibrand was also a rising political darling a decade ago; but chose to work her way up by climbing the political ladder one rung at a time before aiming for the U.S. presidency. She made her mark as the youngest Senate member, which in a way worked against her, as she was all too soon branded as a “young woman in a hurry. ”

Yet Gillibrand’s early successes are far more impressive than those of Buttigieg, whose only claim to a successful political career is that of getting elected and re-elected as Mayor of South Bend. Many interpret the stark contrast as having something to do with gender issue, when it comes to climbing the political ladder at a younger age. So far, no one has branded Pete Buttigieg as “a young man in a hurry.”

Politics is quite complicated as a topic really, especially when making comparisons among presidential hopefuls and the manner by which they climb the political ladder. It is not as easy as making a pool ladder comparison when all you need to do is match the superiority of one type against another, in terms of durability, integrity, and stability