Wednesday, November 25

Pew Research Shows that Economy, Health Care and Education Top the List of Issues on American Public’s Agenda

At this point, and after experiencing the outcomes of Donald Trump’s performance as president of the United States, American voters are seemingly decided on what policies their political candidates will be proposing come 2020 presidential election.

Based on Pew Research Center’s 2019 survey, 70% of the American public still consider economic improvement the top priority issue. Under this aspect, improving job situation remains high in the agenda, with 50% of those surveyed saying that this is still a top economic priority.

Lowering of health care costs comes in next, as 69% of the public still clamoring for more affordable costs of maintaining health and wellness. Desire for better educational system is now a top priority at 68%, slightly gaining an edge over the 67% who see security against terrorism as à high priority issue. In fact security versus terrorism, ranks equally with those wishing to have a more financially stable Social Security and Medicare systems.

Political Experts Give Advice

Political experts and observers give advice that in choosing a nominee to endorse as presidential candidate, it would be best to pay attention to the specifics, not just the policy idea but also of the nominee’s political stance.

Donald Trump promised to do everything possible to improve the US economy, by increasing income from foreign trades and by increasing job opportunities for Americans. However, he tried to do so by raising importation tariffs without taking into consideration how this will affect related industries locally and abroad. Trump’s tariff resulted to trade rifts accompanied by retaliatory tariffs that only worsened an already waning economic condition.

The same thing can be said about Trump’s use of the US Mexico Border wall as means of keeping out immigrants who compete for local job opportunities. The cost of which was too high, if to be given priority as major spend. Trump was adamant that the border wall was the only solution to increasing employment opportunities and in keeping the country safe from terrorist threats.

So much so that he allowed the longest partial government shutdown to take place, leaving around 800,000 government employees without salaries during the 2018 Christmas holidays.