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Can We Separate Politics from Sport


Sport and politics or politics and sport are always been linked together. Often times, these two words are used to connect with each other as always. But, why is it that sport should always have politics within it?

How to separate politics from sport?

Usually, politics cannot be taken away completely from sport. There are lots of ways that people often utilized sports events and characters to show their point of views. Moreover, sport icons broadcast their opinions through this industry.

Reasons why politics can’t take away from sport

Various reasons why politics can’t be taken from sport are circulating over this industry. This includes:

1. The society, as a whole, choose to incorporate politics to sport in order to make it balance. Further, people also put the atmosphere of sport into the politics.
2. Sports culture creates political leaders and even heroic people of the nation. The creation of these characters are in a manner similar to the election process.

Basically, we cannot get politics out of sport that easily as it rooted deeper to these rationales. Even if we just simply want to enjoy and get entertained with athletic settings, political agendas would still be there.

These are always similar to all kind of sports – in basketball, crickets, baseball, and tennis, one must able to observe the incorporation of politics in it. Even if the audience is very much entertained by every single smash of the tennis racquet that can be seen via, still, politics are there behind.

It is very real that these two areas cannot be separated, even if national leaders say so. Just like Wyness says,

Politics should be taken away from sports and so politicians should be taken out of sports as well.

People’s love in sport will be forever be intertwined with politics by all means. And it is something that we cannot avoid. However, using sports by some or most of our national leaders to voice out their point of views is something that most of us don’t really like.

And, that is also the reason why most people are often complaining about too much politics over social media. But, by all means, it is always the fact that sport and politics would always be together.

No matter the views there is, politics will always be linked with sport because people always like sport.

IWM 2019: Remembering 2 Unsung Women Who Worked for Better Balance in their Society

History, Politics

The 2019 International Women’s Month (IWM) is currently running under the theme of “Balance for Better.” in this post, we will be remember 2 notable women who worked bravely and tirelessly during their era, to ensure a better future for the people in their respective society.

The resistance of these women against the norms, policies and/or oppression prevalent at the time they took radical actions, are not as well-mentioned in history books. Catherine J. Ross of contributes this guest post to refresh accounts of how these women contributed to changes that worked for the better; lest the significance of their valuable actions in the past eventually disappear into obscurity.

Alice Coachman
The First African-American Woman to Win an Olympic Medal

Alice Coachman was born and raised in Albany, Georgia, at a time when US states were permitted to pass laws implementing racial segregation. Born in November 1923 to a family saddled with 10 children, Alice grew up as a teener aspiring to train and compete in organized sports events. Since the state racial segregation laws posed as deterrents, the young Alice devised crude methods for developing and strengthening her potentials as a track and field athlete.

Her training improvisations included running barefoot across fields, and using sticks and ropes to improve on her high jumps. Her relentless efforts paid off. The turn of succeeding events that transpired thereafter, saw Alice broke high jump records whilst barefoot in various track and field competitions, including the Amateur Athlete Union (AAU) national championship.

Her feat in the 1948 Olympic Games gave inspiration to many African-American athletes of forthcoming generations. Prior to her demise in 2014, Alice Coachman had spent her time providing support to Olympic athletes, young and old, aspiring or retired, under the auspices of the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation.

Wu Zetian (624-705) -China’s Only Female Emperor

In a country that used to designate women to a lower stature than men, it is surprising to learn that a woman named Wu Zetian rose to power as an emperor during the Tang dynasty. Even more surprising is that Wu’s early beginnings is that of a 13-year old concubine.

Apparently, her beauty, charm and intelligence outshone those of about a hundred other concubines in Emperor Tai Tsung’s court. After the emperor’s death, the emperor’s son and successor to the throne Kao Tsung, not only made Wu Zetian his concubine but also his empress.

Healthwise, Kao Tsung was said to be a weak emperor, and that Wu Zetian was the real ruler behind Kao Tsung’s reign. Upon his death, Wu declared herself as the emperor, which many ancient Chinese historians accounted as a reign of terror and divisiveness.

Through centuries, it was widely believed that Wu Zetian proved the very reason why China’s dynastic principles considered women as unfit rulers. After Wu, no other woman assumed power as emperor, but the evidences of her success as ruler were intentionally destroyed

However, 21st century archaeologists and historians searched for evidences and artifacts that will shed more light into Wu’s supposed reign of terror. Ancient statues, jewelries and hieroglyphs discovered by the modern-day fact finders revealed important information left out by ancient Chinese historians.

Miniature statues of women depicted that under Wu’s rule, they had better rights and freedom to live as they please. Remains belonging to commoners wore jeweled headdress, which suggested that wealth was enjoyed not only by the nobles and aristocrats.

As historians painstakingly reconstructed the past based on, ancient inscriptions, artifacts and hieroglyphics, they came to learn that ancient China, under Wu Zetian’s regime, experienced a period of stability and prosperity, whilst giving women higher recognition and privileges as citizens.

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Why Some People Complain About ‘Too Much Politics’ In Social Media

Why Some People Complain About ‘Too Much Politics’ In Social Media


There is just so much going on in our lives that browsing the social media has become our little outlet to let out all the stress and troubles. Thanks to our fellow social media users, we find entertaining contents online that make us laugh and forget our problems even just for a few minutes. However, the social media has transformed over the past couple of years. It is not only an avenue for us to have fun and enjoy the beauty of life. Now, social media has also become a platform for people to express their grievances and protest against what they think is wrong and unjust.

While voicing out our opinions about the latest political affairs and other timely issues that concern us, some people express their discomfort when they see too much of this kind of posts in the social media. For them, social media should go back to what was supposed to be, which is to bring us our daily dose of entertainment. They complain that others have already become too political, and that things should not be taken so seriously.

Two questions now arise from this kind of reasoning from these people: has social media really become too political? And if it has, is that something that we should be complaining?

‘Let People Enjoy Things And Set Aside Politics In Social Media’

People enjoy using the social media so much that they create various posts and share contents everyday. Unfortunately for them, not everyone who can view their posts will be fond of every bit that they share. Perhaps you have already witness heated discussions in social media due to a seemingly problematic post. Some people may find a post offensive, and as a person who is just there to enjoy the moment, he or she might accuse them of being too political. Well, before we make such accusations, we should carefully analyze where the complaints are coming from.

There are many things that we can laught at, but there are certain ones that should be treated differently. When someone makes a joke about gender or color, you should not expect that everyone will not take the punchline seriously.

Of course, if the one-liner is directed against a group that you belong in, or is made to be misleading, it is normal for anyone to speak up. The sad thing is that we often downplay their feelings because, as what was already mentioned, we are in the social media only to “have fun” and “enjoy the moment.” Truth be told, social media is now a lot more than being a source of entertainment. It is now also a tool for us to make things right and change whatever backward reasoning that is left in the modern century.

Try To Be More Considerate And Less Insensitive

It is true that we should take a break and have fun once in a while, but that does not mean that life is all fun and games. There are actual issues in the society that we should take seriously. Just like when you are trying to build your own house, you should be serious in checking all the construction requirements. Thus, you should take a look at the best contractors in town like fort worth roofer.

The best way to lessen the risk of making insensitive posts is to make ourselves informed. There is nothing wrong with talking about politics because whether we like it or not, politics do affect our way of living. You start your learning as early as now by reading about the meaning, nature, and scope of political science.

The Aphrodisiac Behind Politics


Definition of Aphrodisiac

What comes to your mind when you hear the word aphrodisiac? According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, aphrodisiac is defined as “something, usually a drug or food, that is believed to cause sexual desire in people”. This is the definition most people know, that such word is a product that comes with various natural aphrodisiacs for women. However, little did they know, aphrodisiac is also defined as “something that cause excitement or enthusiasm”. With that being said, the word aphrodisiac does not only correlate to increase arousal amongst women.

Excitement and enthusiasm are mostly the words being substituted by aphrodisiac. How do you use it in a sentence then? Here are some examples:

1. They say that power is a great aphrodisiac

2. Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But chocolates works almost as well

In the above examples, the word aphrodisiac is used as an alternative to the word joy and excitement.

In this blog, you are going to learn a word commonly used with aphrodisiac, which is Politics.

Aphrodisiacs: Politics and Power 

Now that aphrodisiac in defined, you will also be reading a brief definition of politics and why the two words go perfectly with each other. Politics, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, is defined as “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power” and “a particular set of political beliefs or principles”. Since politics is a very complex word, the concept that will be covered in the article is how politics result to enthusiasm and excitement.

Admit it or not, politics is everywhere- at school, office when co-workers have different opinions that may lead to tension among employees, even in our homes because not all people are the same in terms of values and principles.

Despite these things, politics still result to excitement regardless of the situation. How? The truth is, politics is also a form of aphrodisiac, meaning, the oppositions and different opinions boost thrill and suspense. Without those things, life will be sort of boring. Moreover, politics provide energy rush, because of its sense of various possibilities and truth.